I was inputting your edits and I noticed you spelled a few words wrong. Most of them were obvious mistakes, so I just changed them. Unless you were trying to misspell them on purpose to prove a point or something.

The Chicago Manual of Style is good, but honestly, I prefer to use my own instincts.

Have you read The Da Vinci Code? It is SO good.

Shirley McLean is signing copies of her new book in the conference room. Can I go?

No, thanks, I don’t want to mail that.

His style is so unique—he’s like Victor Hugo meets David Sedaris, except he’s not nearly as good as either of those guys.

Do you know what our imprint needs? A book about porn. No, I’m serious.

I’ve written a few novels myself, you know.

These must be the halcyon years of your career, huh? [pause] Did I use “halcyon” correctly—I didn’t, did I? Fuck…

Oh, my God, I’m sorry—I just assumed you were a lesbian.