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President Trump Tweets Racist Remarks
At Minority Congresswomen, Tells Them To “Go Back”
To Where They Came From


President Trump once again [NOT COMFORTABLE REFERRING BACK TO OTHER INSTANCES WE CAN’T CONFIRM AS RACIST] incited racial stereotyping controversial discussion over the weekend during another of his Twitter tirades when he accused four congresswomen, all people of color, of being anti-American Communists and unwelcome immigrants to this nation, despite only one of them actually moving here from a foreign country and all of them repeatedly on record as supportive of many American policies. [TOO WORDY] despite multiple allegations to the contrary.

The comments made by the Commander-in-Chief are another part of a long list of vitriolic incitements observations against his political opponents [TOO STRONG A WORD CHOICE] detractors, often women and minorities [UNLESS WE CAN CONFIRM 100% IT’S “OFTEN,” I SAY CUT THE WHOLE THING], and present a challenge for anyone who still argues he is not a racist bigot [IS IT AN ACTUAL CHALLENGE? MIGHT CUT THAT SECTION OF THE SENTENCE, TOO]. Earlier this summer, President Trump retweeted a video depicting Ilhan Omar edited between traumatic images of 9/11, suggesting the Somalian-born Representative has ties to Al-Qaeda [UNLESS WE CAN CONFIRM WITH TRUMP OFFICIALS THIS WAS THE INTENTION, I DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE MAKING ANY INFERENCES HERE]. The retweeted video resulted in a massive wave of [TOO REMINISCENT OF CLIMATE CHANGE, REWORD TO AVOID COMPLAINTS] attacks directed at the congresswoman, including death threats [UNLESS WE CAN CONFIRM THESE THREATS FROM THE PEOPLE WHO SAID THEM, I SAY CUT IT], but so far have not silenced the elected official from expressing political dissent [TOO SEVERE A WORDING, INFERS IT TO BE EXTREMELY SERIOUS MATTER. NOT OUR JOB TO DO THAT] her concerns.

Condemnation from Trump’s own party has been slow to arrive [TIME IS RELATIVE] and limited in scope [DEFINESCOPE,” BUT I THINK WE SHOULD CUT IT], seemingly implying the statements are not worth investigation [A BIT OF A REACH, NO?], while establishment Democrats are only nominally more vocal in their responses [OFF-TOPIC, KEEP READERS’ ATTENTION ON TRUMP’S TWEETS].

Trump’s tweets appear to have originated after the congresswomen criticized [SPICE UP WORDING] attacked his administration’s increasing reliance on concentration camps [C’MON, WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS ONE BEFORE] federal hotels to house minorities housing people of color [LOADED TERM, ALREADY RELYING ON IT TOO MUCH IN THIS ARTICLE] along the US-Mexico border, a policy that has resulted in many deaths and rapidly multiplying allegations of sexual assault, violence, and both psychological and physical torture [ARE WE SURE ABOUT THIS? THIS IS A PAPER OF RECORD, AND WE HAVE A COMMITMENT TO STRAIGHTFORWARD FACTS, SO MY GUT INSTINCT IS TO CUT THAT LAST SECTION ENTIRELY].

When reached for comment, the President expressed no remorse demurred and doubled down on the multiple racist lies [STATEMENTS]. Again, Republicans were largely silent on the matter, indicating agreement or lack of interest in the matter [GIVE THEM A FEW MORE DAYS, THEY’RE BUSY PEOPLE]. The concentration camps on United States soil are still operational. [NOT FOLLOWING YOU HERE. DON’T PLAY TO YOUR READERS’ EMOTIONS, JUST REPORT THE TRUTH. OTHERWISE, GREAT FIRST DRAFT!]