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Sulzberger himself calls me into his office one night on the way out. I have no idea what it’s for, so I go in and sit down, whatever. He asks me how I’m liking it here. I tell him it’s fine. Asks about my family, my kids. I got a little boy and a little girl. Lights of my life.

He just says, yeah. Gets up from his desk, walks over and locks the office door behind me, pulls out a .38 from his waistband, puts it on the desk real casual, barrel facing me. Tells me he has a problem, which means I have a problem.

The numbers aren’t looking good. Too many people want a free lunch. Guess what, he says. Pulls the hammer back.

What? I ask nervously.

There is no free lunch. Get the picture?

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Swear to god, Sulzberger, he holds up a copy of Monday’s edition. Puts it two inches from my nose. Asks me what it looks like.

What, I ask.

What. Does. It. Look. Like.

I didn’t know what to say.

Does it look like a charity?

No, sir.

I didn’t think so either, but then again, I’m not the one who’s been letting people read the op-eds for free. You get me?

But sir, I say to him. They had an .edu address, I didn’t know whether to—

Slaps me hard across the face.

They had a what?

They had a—

Slaps me again. These undergrads with their tin cups, he says. Smart enough to get into college but too stupid to cobble together five bucks a week? You know what I think?

What, sir?

I think they’re just smart enough to play you for a goddamn fool. You verify everyone, you understand me? Everyone. I don’t care if they closed the tab two seconds earlier on the same computer. You like your little life, you like going to the state park with the kids every summer, you like taking the wife to dinner on your anniversary? You want to keep doing all that? You check them, and then you check them again. Every single time.

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