Let’s be clear.

This is a LinkedIn rant. I have a point of view. It’s a common point of view, but I will present this view in its most controversial light possible as to make it seem like I’m saying something bold and significant. Nevertheless, this is my opinion and I’m incredibly brave for putting it out there for my entire professional network to see.

This single sentence is important.

These are my values. This is a story about how I once quit my job because my boss didn’t share those values. These are my beliefs. This is how those beliefs directly correlate to the radical change our workplace must implement in order to finally solve all of our problems.

This is an alarming statement about the impending death of our industry. Here’s where I get more descriptive to make it seem like I’m making a fascinating point, using personal anecdotes, excessive commas and lofty buzzwords for emphasis, until the final, definitive thought, closes it out, in style. This is a punchy short sentence. For good measure.

In conclusion, innovation, motivation and the future. There, you are now a more enlightened individual for having read this, and I now feel better about myself for having provided that enlightenment to you.

I am a thought leader.