Hour 1: Whoa. That was fucking tiring.

Hour 2: I REALLY needed this rest. Had NO idea that would be so much work. Really pumped about this day off.

Hour 3: Hmm… not going to say the word “bored” but it’s definitely strange to go from that much exertion to just nothing. Still buzzing a little.

Hour 4: I guess now we just wait and see what happens…

Hour 5: I know I said I’d take this day off and not meddle but maybe I should just give it a super quick look-see to make sure I didn’t muck anything up.

Hour 6: Need to stop. My head’s racing with conflicting impulses. Just have to remember that I made a clear verbal agreement of “no matter what, after day six, no fussing.” Got to respect that. After all, the bread won’t cook if you keep opening the oven.

Hour 7: Shit. I just know I forgot something.

Hour 8: But seriously, what kind of MORON makes an agreement like that?? Six days to build something that’s supposed to last a trillion years?? Who the hell would endorse that construction model?

Hour 9: Think I really overdid it on the oceans. WAY too big. I knew the scales would be off if I rushed. Really need to work on my patience.

Hour 10: Crap. Now they’re starting to wake up. Completely missed my futzing window. Guess I’ll just have to live with it.

Hour 11: I know it’s superficial, but I really hope they like me.

Hour 12: Man, they’re small. Had no idea (I mean I did, obviously). But they’re like… TINY.

Hour 13: Why do I have a bad feeling about those people? I mean they’re not literally me but they’re pretty damn close. I should feel good about them, right?

Hour 14: Just strange that nobody’s thought about me yet. I mean, it’s super early, but I did make them. A little bit of awe might set your creator at ease. Just saying.

Hour 15: Is he looking up at me? Holy cow, the first man to recognize his creator! I can’t believe how monumental this moment is and… he’s just burned himself blind… staring directly at the sun… like a dipshit.

Hour 16: Oh, they’re screwing already. I know they have to but whoa, that is weird to watch. And the sounds… huge gross out. Might have to regulate that somehow down the road.

Hour 17: I like that I’m not directly on their minds, but is it maybe a little too remote of a relationship?

Hour 18: I made some god-awful animals. Like truly. I guess I should have spent more than a day on them. Right now it’s the camels. Such a joke—and they don’t even know it.

Hour 19: Really up in my head right now. LOTS of second-guessing. Not a good precedent being set here this early on.

Hour 20: Quick early humans recap: Some are dying from eating poisonous foods, some are literally shitting themselves to death, and the closest thing to an invention they’ve come up with so far is the rock one guy used to bash another guy’s skull. I can’t even look.

Hour 21: Really wish I had someone to talk to about all this. Didn’t even know I could sweat—and now I’ve got beads coming off my head.

Hour 22: I need a drink. Or a sacrifice. Something big and dramatic to take my mind off things.

Hour 23: What are they gathered around? Is that… that better not be a baby cow they’re praying to. And their hands… the things they do with their hands… and the blood… why are they always covered in so much of it?

Hour 24: Fuck it, I’m going down there.