There’s nothing more terrifying to lesbians than watching a man turn a lesbian straight on the silver screen. Lock your doors and turn off all the lights, here’s a list of the top 5 horror films for lesbians.

Chasing Amy

Too horrific for some viewers, Chasing Amy is a steady stream of scares from the get-go. The female protagonist, Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams) is adamant from the beginning that she’s a lesbian, but Holden (Ben Affleck) confesses his love for her regardless. Tension builds when Alyssa fights back, screaming “I am fucking gay! That’s who I am! And you assume that I can just turn all that around because you’ve got a fucking crush?” Just when viewers’ heart rates subside, this spine-chilling movie takes a shocking turn, with Alyssa and Holden making out in the rain and beginning a romantic relationship. This film is guaranteed to terrify and leave lasting nightmares for all lesbians who see it.

Kissing Jessica Stein

From the twisted minds of Jennifer Westfeldt and Heather Juergensen, who also star in this terrifying classic, Kissing Jessica Stein features the most shocking and bloodcurdling tropes of the past century. What’s truly horrifying about this film is what they don’t show… a realistic lesbian relationship. You can expect eerie scenes that depict the male boss creeping in the shadows for his chance to stab our female protagonist with his manhood, even though she’s dating a woman. Extremely suspenseful, viewers never know when this cis straight man will pop out at our lesbian couple. If you can stomach the fear, this film even depicts Jessica Stein ultimately discovering she’s not gay and giving her number to the ghoulish boss. This dark and traumatic thriller will seep into your subconscious and follow you for years to come.


Riddick is a trip to hell and back. A modern classic, this spookfest sets up a strong lesbian character named Dahl, who declares early on that she “doesn’t fuck guys.” The movie gives a steady stream of scares to gay women everywhere with chilling scenes where Riddick spies on Dahl naked in the bathroom, and even says he will go “balls deep” in her. This suspenseful film shifts gears when Dahl straddles Riddick during the climax of the movie, alluding to her being turned straight. Pure evil—a must-see for lesbians looking for legitimate scares.


Arguably the scariest lesbian horror film of all time, it stars Ben Affleck (oh great, him again!) as Gigli and Jennifer Lopez as Ricki. This flick will ruin your life. Ricki is an openly gay woman who rebuffs Gigli’s advances but must endure truly horrifying behavior. Affleck’s performance is what nightmares are made of, especially when he yells, “She’s a stone-cold dyke. A fucking untouchable, unhaveable, unattainable brick wall fucking dyke-a-saurus rexi. So it’s sad.” If that doesn’t have you hiding under your covers, buckle up; this dark tale takes a turn for the worse when our queer character falls under the spell of Gigli’s evil forces and sleeps with him. This movie packs a heavy psychological punch, especially after the scene when Gigli screams at Ricki, “In every relationship, there’s a bull and a cow, and it just so happens that in this relationship I’m the bull and you’re the cow! Bull! Cow!” Lesbian viewers will be pulled along for the scariest and most offensive ride of their lives.

The Kids Are All Right

This movie plays upon viewers’ worst nightmares — your wife sleeping with Mark Ruffalo. A horror film that follows a wife and mother who must protect her family from an ominous and creepy sperm donor, this movie has a chilling premise with emotionally haunting scenes. This dark and disturbing film will leave all gay women sleeping with the lights on. While this cautionary tale builds at a slow pace, it is a game-changer when it comes to lesbian horror films. Truly a no-brainer to watch during Halloween season.