1st: Paper
2nd: Cotton
3rd: Lace
4th: Lint
5th: Wool
6th: Slightly More Expensive Wool
7th: Bone
8th: Good Vibes
9th: Wood
10th: Skydiving Lessons
11th: Tin
12th: Moss
13th: Throw Pillows
14th: Post-Its
15th: ELO’s Out of the Blue Double LP Gatefold (Blue Vinyl)
16th: Bronze
17th: Paprika
18th: Nickelodeon Gak™
19th: Particleboard
20th: Copper
21st: Hair
22nd: Silt
23rd: Pebbles
24th: Grandma’s Stories
25th: Linen
26th: Swords!!!
27th: Grey Poupon
28th: Slam Poem
29th: Silverware
30th: Chinaware
31st: Software
32nd: Hay
33rd: Groceries
34th: Amethyst
35th: Sapphire
36th: Saxophones
37th: Boron
38th: Argon
39th: Baby Back Ribs
40th: Opal
41st: Adult Playing Cards
42nd: Complex Carbohydrates
43rd: Reggae
44th: Circus Peanuts
45th: Marble
46th: Marbles
47th: Encyclopedia Brittanica
48th: Shiv
49th: Pad Thai
50th: Gold
55th: Emerald
60th: Diamond
65th: Diamonds Again
70th: More Diamonds
75th: Thoroughbred Racehorse
80th: Cobwebs