“A real gem”

Five out of five stars! Host Jekyll so friendly and accommodating. (Did not meet partner Hyde.) Highly recommended. Just what a British B&B should be! Jekyll showed us charming basement laboratory (yes—pronounced it that oh-so-English way!), where he’s working on “experiments.” Cute! Probably where he cooks up the amazing homemade jam. Three kinds at breakfast. One was quince!

“Almost perfect”

Agree, Jekyll stellar. But be aware: delicate situation with Hyde due to physical handicaps—limping, speech impediment. But loved his enthusiasm when it came to killing spider in our room at midnight! Not to mention brute strength with luggage. Only two kinds of jam (black currant, gooseberry) but tasty.

“Gem? Not even jam!”

Did we stay at same place as above posters? Did not meet Jekyll, only Hyde. Limp and slur, probably from drinking! Actually leered at my wife and played grabby hands. No vacancy elsewhere or would have left. Lots of noise—walls paper thin … heard moaning and groaning coming from downstairs all night … Jam sounds nice. Barely had toast.

“Highs, but more lows”

Earlier post made us slightly apprehensive, since we had already made our reservations and sent deposit … Relieved when met at front door by Jekyll. Polite but pale and shaking visibly. Why didn’t anyone mention his smoking? Place reeked and he lit one after the other. Kindly set up croquet wickets for us in garden, then went off into woods—minutes later, Hyde loped out of the trees with rabbit that he had obviously killed with bare hands. Could not finish croquet game after that. Is this the famous British eccentricity? Checked out before breakfast, so not sure of jam situation.

“Won’t go BACK

Stayed on a whim—wish I had read posts before. Not his fault, but Jekyll had really bad back spasm while pouring tea in morning. Suddenly hunched forward and could not stand up again. Bared teeth in pained grimace. Hands frozen in claw-like shape. He kept calling, “Hyde!,” who never showed up to help. Awkward when we tried to check out, because Jekyll could not run our credit card with fingers stuck in claw position.

“Scary dude”

Hyde answered door, eating jam (brambleberry?) straight from the jar with his fingers. Said Jekyll was “gone forever.” Dirty dishes on table. Broken glass beaker on floor. We are two girls traveling alone. Felt uncomfortable. Did not check in.

“hEP me”

Writing from compter at b&b. RUN. DO NOT OCME he … hep …


Not sure about above post. Flag? Curious, so walked past one evening on way back to our B/B. Met guy on porch who said he was Jekyll’s lawyer, and that B/B closed indefinitely and no one home. But, as walking away, we saw light in basement window and hunched figure moving around. Maybe exterminators? Or Jekyll getting back in swing of things to make more jam? I’ll put in a request for some damson plum!

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