People who ask when you’re planning on getting married OR people who ask when your parents are arranging your marriage

White parents who complain to you that their kids have no chance of getting into top universities because those Asian kids work too hard and score better on all the widely known admission criteria OR people who claim their sexist and/or racist actions do not reflect who they are, which is definitely not sexist and/or racist

The publishers of “20 Under 20” and “30 Under 30” lists OR the people who make it onto those lists

Men’s rights activists OR Congressional Republicans

Chad, a guy at the gym who watched you doing planks before interrupting your circuit to question your form and give you his number OR Elijah, a guy who talked at you for two hours after you hooked up about the fundamental problems with feminism and, the morning after, texted you about why you should become vegan

People who say “boys will be boys” OR people who deem any critique of a woman “shaming”

People who can correctly pronounce the names of every character on Game of Thrones but ask if you have a shorter nickname the first time they meet you OR white people who caption photos of themselves volunteering for a week with brown children “#blessed”

Thought leaders who want to empower you (direct object) but can’t get any more specific about what exactly they will empower you to do (adverb infinitive) OR people who argue an English degree is a waste of time

Strangers who ask where you’re really from OR white friends who say you’re not a “real American” because you have not eaten Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese

Non-technical people who believe machine learning will solve every problem OR tech people who believe machine learning will solve every problem

The mother of your white roommate in sophomore year who, having introduced herself, offered you $200 to do her adult child’s laundry OR people who like to inform you that actually, not everything is about race

The roommate who loudly baby-talks to her cats OR property owners who support restrictive zoning ordinances that exacerbate the housing shortage, thereby forcing grown adults to live with roommates.

People who say #NotAllMen OR people who say #AllLivesMatter

Baby boomers who complain about millennials ruining things OR millennials who talk about disrupting mature business ecosystems by outperforming incumbents through intelligently leveraging innovative ideations to generate paradigm shifts

The white male venture capitalist who told you that he started a newer, smaller, more exclusive series of tech meet-ups because “it’s so annoying to be at events where half the people don’t speak English” OR those people from earlier who are still lecturing you about how, actually, not everything is about race

The marketing genius behind 10-step skincare routines OR companies that rebrand themselves as feminist by changing their advertising rather than their corporate policies and practices

Sexual harassers, rapists, and their enablers who lose their jobs and complain about being convicted without due process OR judges who sentence convicted sexual harassers, rapists, and their enablers to probation rather than jail time

Guys on Tinder who never respond to your messages OR guys on Tinder who message you first with “Anal? ;)”