Hungry black wallaby

You forgot the lead apron

Draft dodger looking suspicious

Walking on an uneven sidewalk, tripping, making it seem like jogging for a few paces

Tree growing toward sun, then nuclear winter

Weasel chasing, catching, and raping squirrel

Turtle greeting rock, rock not impressed

Toe stub, then rest after cussing

Lotus addressing lily pads in a racist manner

Baby sticking finger in electrical socket

Electrician sticking finger in baby

Man holding hot fork with thighs

Shaved kitten licking twice, then twice more

Old woman dressed in outfit that is unbecoming

Queechee Gorge

One carp, two carp, red carp, dead carp

Man with SARS entering elevator with three paranoid asthmatics

Garden gnome acting aloof

Woman on subway platform seeing someone she knows, waving frantically, then realizing it is a stranger; acting like it was a nervous tick and smiling apologetically to passersby

The Bernadette Peters