This course will serve as the building blocks for your deep dive into the study of journalism. Bear in mind that, like the news, the field of journalism is ever changing. Students who have spoken to upperclassmen about this course will notice that several changes have been made to reflect this new media landscape. (NOTE: Intro to Journalism now qualifies as a Physical Education credit.)

Materials Required

  • AP Style Guide
  • Wrestling mask
  • Access to Snopes.com
  • A Twitter handle and a quick wit
  • Icy Hot (optional but recommended)
  • One of those little notebooks
  • The Stone Cold Truth by Steve Austin

Major Assignments

  • Buzzfeed-style list of the Top 26 Tragedies of the Last Four Days (10% of grade)
  • Six episode podcast diving into a non-news related subject that you then are able to use to make a commentary on global affairs (20% of grade)
  • One news feature written two ways: once for CNN and once for FOX (20% of grade)
  • An opinion piece establishing why you think Hillary lost and what she should be doing right now (40% of grade)
  • One viral tweet (10% of grade)

Twice a month, we will have special guest speakers to teach a seminar. One Medium.com entry is required for each seminar.

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — Mr. Johnson will discuss a variety of topics including: entertainment journalism, celebrities as presidential candidates, when best to employ “The Rock Bottom” move on interview subjects, and how to cite sources.
  • Richard Spencer — This seminar will mostly be a test of stamina and endurance. Students will see how long they can last without vomiting or punching Mr. Spencer in the face. Remember, we don’t always get to choose who we interview.
  • Jestin Coler — Mr. Coler, a fake news generator, will instruct students on how best to create an eye-catching headline, as well as help students learn to stomach the idea of placing clicks over ethics.
  • Tomi Lahren — Ms. Lahren will show students how a white hot opinion and a nice head of hair can get attention.
  • Greg Gianforte — Students will participate in a Steel Cage match with the former Montana congressional candidate.
  • Nate Silver — This seminar will just be about old timey things, like “numbers,” “data,” and “relying on quantifiable facts.”

Semester Goals
By the end of the semester you will be able to:

  • Write a good clickbait headline
  • Fire off a snappy tweet to trolls
  • Use facts ironically to disprove the President
  • Locate Sean Spicer in a variety of diverse hiding places
  • Pin a congressional candidate in under 60 seconds