Chili likes to cook, swim, jog and travel. (672)

Howard was co-winner of a rib-eating contest among professional athletes after 1985 season. (267)

Eddie enjoys listening to Willie Nelson music. (155)

Greg once earned himself the free use of a car for a year by recording a hole-in-one in golf match. (26)

Ozzie has been recognized as one of the ten best casually dressed men of America. (749)

Gerald was named most community minded Richmond Brave of 1983. He and wife have two daughters. (639)

Zane enjoys listening to hard-rock music. (544)

Steve’s hobbies include four-wheeling and breeding dogs. (736)

Ron once appeared on a television soap opera. (136)

Jaime’s name is pronounced ‘HI-me’, Spanish for Jim. He works as an accountant during the offseason. Enjoys outings of going deep sea fishing. (423)

Joaquin’s #47 is blended in design of his home. (775)

Ray lists scuba diving and fishing among his favorite pastimes. (149)

Ron’s hobbies include all sports and movies. (643)

Jesse Enjoys playing basketball at his leisure. (655)

Daryl is a fan of popular music. He owns an excellent impersonation of singer Stevie Wonder. (482)

Tim experiences much enjoyment from reading. (624)

Keith has had experience as a talk-show host. He once hosted a charity raquetball tourney. (177)

Ron is quite proficient at playing the drums. (375)

Bill’s nicknames are ‘Cuffs’ & ‘The Inspector.’ (733)

Manny participated in high school volleyball. (732)

Bip’s uncle, Roy Shivers, played in the NFL. (637)

Mike has worked as a grain elevator operator. (455)

Charlie is known as a free spirit. He enjoys playing harmless practical jokes in Astros’ clubhouse. (145)

Bobby plays paddleball in his leisure time. (184)

Don’s birth certificate states he was born in 1962, not 1961 as shown in most baseball records. (500)

Gary’s autobiography is ‘They Call Me Sarge.’ (390)

Thad has recorded a gospel contemporary album ‘Pick Up The Pieces.’ He enjoys writing poetry. (58)

Tom was a lefthanded high school quarterback. (78)

Benny’s leisure activities include dancing. (651)

Moose has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is an amateur magician and a certified locksmith. (413)