Create a viral video in which the cast of the Big Bang Theory reenacts the Stonewall riots.

Release an ad where an interracial same-sex couple reads your updated privacy policy as a bedtime story to their newborn child.

Petition LGBTQ rights organizations to replace the rainbow flag with your company’s logo.

Create a Grindr profile for your brand and send your customers photos of your CEO’s penis.

Make a pledge to only work with LGBTQ-friendly sweatshops.

Fill the window displays of your brick-and-mortar stores with mannequins clad in your brand’s merch scissoring each other.

Install photo booths in all of your office’s gender-neutral bathrooms.

Hire a drag queen to visit the Indonesian factories where your products are built, and have her follow around contract laborers while screaming “YASS BITCH, WERK!”

Repurpose the AIDS activism slogan “Silence = Death” to cyberbully people who don’t use your brand’s Pride hashtag, #WeAreUs.

Use your brand’s Twitter account to clap back at homophobes by sending them discount codes for your online store. (Remember: Love trumps hate!)

Pay your interns with glitter and condoms.

If your company is undergoing layoffs, hold lip-sync competitions among employees to determine who gets fired.

Partner with LGBTQ Instagram influencers to create a social media campaign that explains to your employees why unionizing is actually heteronormative.

Author a sponsored post on BuzzFeed listing all the reasons your products are fundamental to the project of queer liberation.