21st Century Text: Got yr vm. Can’t wait 2 c u l8r

Victorian Text: Most esteemed and Dearest Madame! I am in receipt of your most recent communication, the review of which quickened the heart within me. An anticipation most e

- - -

21st Century: Hey! Where u at? Let’s meet up

Victorian: If it is vainglorious for me to hope that the pleasant intercourse we have so oft in former days enjoyed may again be renewed at last, then let vainglory be the

- - -

21st Century: U did what? WTF?! I don’t get u

Victorian: Irresolution, indiscretion, enervation of the will, each singly suffices to account for an occasion of moral incontinence, even for the one among us most heroi

- - -

21st Century: Hey sexy! 2nite Ima sex u

Victorian: O fair nymph so lithe and so lively! O Naiad with the sedgeless bank! A ring of amethyst I could not wear here plainer to my sight, than that first kiss. The s