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Number of comments posted on January 13, 2011, between 9:08 am and 1:03 pm: 24
Number of comments posted on January 13, 2011, between 8:42 am and 3:48 pm: 76
Percent of comments to reference Star Wars in some way or another: 100.

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On “Anchorage Man Forfeits $1 Million, Plane for Money Laundering after Portland Heroin Buy”:
He should have used the Millennium Falcon instead of a plane. They never would have caught him

On “Portlandia Panel at Television Critics Tour Pokes Fun at Portland, Gives Away Snow Globes”:
That’s no snow globe—it’s a space station!

On “It’s official: Train horns in Tualatin Fall Silent Starting Today”:
I have a bad feeling about this.

On “Joan Rivers Brings Her Tart-Tongued Stand-Up Routine to the Oregon Symphony Saturday”:
I notice there aren’t many comments about people who enjoyed Jabba’s performance.

On “Boy Scouts Argue Perversion Files Should Be Secret”:
If their personnel files include information about sexual abuse against children, absolutely. You underestimate the power of the dark side!

On “Oregon House Makes History By Electing Two Co-Speakers”:
They do kind of look like Darth Vader and the Emperor when they stand like that, don’t they. Very interesting, it is.

On “Spoiled Ground Beef Sold to Institutions in Oregon, California Recalled”:
How you get so big, eating food of this kind?

On “In Eugene, Excitement Followed by Resignation as Auburn Rolls to Win”:
I suggest a new strategy, Ducks. Let the wookiee win.

On “Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot Will Increase Disposal”:
I wonder what they are doing with all of the light sabers.

On “State Ethics Commission is Investigating Wood Village Mayor David Fuller on Alleged Violations”:
Clear, your mind must be if you are to discover the real villains behind the plot.

On “Portland Begins Construction on South Waterfront Pedestrian Bridge Over I-5”:
No worries, I’m sure the rebel alliance will destroy this bridge long before it is operational.

On “18-Year-Old Arrested in Woodburn in Graffiti Sprayed on Church, Schools and Businesses”:
I’ll never join you!

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p= Hat tip to Christian Gaston.