2punk4punk: do you like nirvana, omg
grndflr76: yeah, but they ripped off the pixies, lol
2punk4punk: i know, wtf
grndflr76: i have the subpop 7" of ‘love buzz’, hahaha
2punk4punk: me too, stfu
grndflr76: yeah, from ebay, rofl

Bob WallHAX: I’m killin your doods, rofl
HALORuLEZ1337: U R just lucky, omg
Bob WallHAX: getting pwn3d, stfu
Bob WallHAX: you are teh suck, lol
Bob WallHAX: wtf

Lord Uber: you are LATE. where have you been, wtf
Sir Huzzah: with your mom, rofl
Lord Uber: oh, hahaha.
Lord Uber: do you think it’s funny to be late, omg
Sir Huzzah: yes lol
Lord Uber: well, you’re out of the guild so stfu

cowrieshell69: so then I said “no, you stfu”
cowrieshell69: and he was all like, “wtf!”
hardcandy98: you are so funny, lol
cowrieshell69: thanks babe, rofl
hardcandy98: hahaha omg
cowrieshell69: omg hahaha

Lord Uber: Dude, we have vanquished Ha’Xor the Elite! Hahaha!
Lady Mysterious: I’m not a ‘dude’, stfu.
Lord Uber: I didn’t mean that you were, omg.
Lady Mysterious: Women play games too, wtf!
Lord Uber: I am so sorry, will you marry me, rofl.
Lady Mysterious: sure! lol.

sexxymcsexxerton: oh hello there, a/s/l, lol
pussykat87: 18/f/not tellin u, hahaha
sexxymcsexxerton: u r so hot more pix pls, rofl
pussykat87: that is enuff, stfu
sexxymcsexxerton: c’mon please, wtf!
sexxymcsexxerton: wait. these pictures are of mandy moore … omg

2punk4punk: I can’t believe you like them, omg. They suck, lol
grdflr79: wtf, their early stuff is really good, hahaha
2punk4punk: stfu, they are a ripoff, rofl