Support Racial Justice Orgs

The movement for racial justice needs you at protests, and needs you to vote — but it also could use your donations. There are so many organizations that have long been in the fight, and now more than ever, they need your funds to keep the momentum. Here’s the beginning of a list we’ll be adding to regularly.

So You Want to Be President?

As the author of the definitive guide to running for the Oval Office, So You Want to Be President? , John Warner knows at least as much about political campaigning as anyone else, which is to say, you should trust his opinion because it’s his own. He has a few hard and fast rules about politics, the hardest and fastest of which is that, put simply, negative political advertising works. As anyone who has stood in front of a high-speed fan while someone dumped a bucket of manure into the blades can tell you, shit sticks.

In observing the 2008 campaign, Mr. Warner has noticed that there’s a certain staleness to the current crop of negative advertisements. Hillary Clinton recently recycled Walter Mondale’s 1984 “Red Phone” ad in order to imply that Barack Obama’s a heavy sleeper who might let a crisis call go to voicemail. So, as a public, nonpartisan service, he’ll be creating a series of ready-to-produce scripts for negative political advertising that seek to freshen up the genre.

For illustration purposes, Mr. Warner will use a hypothetical opponent with a nondescript name, Herman Q. Asscrack. He’s a United States senator.