(A MAN and a WOMAN eat in an obviously pretentious restaurant. Both are dressed completely in black, including berets. The MAN wears some kind of tights, like a chick. The WOMAN smokes a cigarette in a long holder. The MAN has a goatee. So does the WOMAN. Note: All dialogue is in French, without subtitles.)

MAN: (Wearily.) Fromage.

WOMAN: (Also wearily.) Voiture.

MAN: (Getting angry, but too weary to really show it.) Aisselle.

WOMAN: (Dismissively.) Fromage.

MAN: (Turning his back.) Grenouille.

(Conversation of MAN and WOMAN fades into the background as voice-over comes in.)

NARRATOR: (In voice-over.) Confused? Lost? Wanting to take a tire iron to these two? Don’t they remind you a lot of Senator Asscrack—pretentious and sort of French? Do you really want a president who hates America? That doesn’t make sense, and neither does voting for Herman Asscrack.

CANDIDATE: (In voice-over.) Mon nom est [votre nom ici, et j’ai approuvé ce message.