(A group of GUNMEN—who are wearing rubber masks bearing your opponent’s likeness and wielding automatic weapons—bursts into a bank, yelling at the customers to “get on their bleeping knees.” The customers yell hysterically as the gunmen spray bullets into the ceiling and manhandle people to the ground. Cut to: CUSTOMER 1, lying on his stomach on the floor, looks up at MAIN GUNMAN.)

CUSTOMER 1: (Terrified.) Please, Senator Asscrack. Haven’t you grabbed enough of my money with your tax-and-spend votes in Congress already?

(GUNMAN 1 presses the muzzle of his weapon into CUSTOMER 1’s cheek.)

GUNMAN 1: (Cackling fiendishly.) Enough? There’s never enough!

(Cut to: CUSTOMER 2 climbing to her knees, then being pistol-whipped back to the ground by GUNMAN 2. CUSTOMER 2 clutches at her bleeding head wound.)

CUSTOMER 2: (Wailing.) At least use our hard-earned money to pay off the national debt or strengthen our military readiness!

(GUNMAN 2 delivers a second blow to CUSTOMER 2, knocking her completely unconscious. GUNMAN 3 joins GUNMAN 2 to lift CUSTOMER 2 off the ground. Together, they hold her upside down and shake coins out of her pockets. Cut to: GUNMAN 1 jumping up on the counter and unleashing another hail of bullets into the ceiling.)

GUNMAN 1: (Cackling even more fiendishly.) Ha! I’ll use it for whatever I want to! I may just build giant golden statues of myself and adorn them with precious rubies and diamonds.

(Freeze-frame: CANDIDATE walks into scene. The entire background remains frozen.)

CANDIDATE: (Oozing gravitas.) Unlike my opponent, I’ve pledged not to use your tax dollars to build giant golden statues of myself.

(CANDIDATE walks over to still-frozen GUNMAN 1 standing on the counter and jumps 12 feet in the air, delivering a spinning roundhouse kick—Matrix-style—to GUNMAN 1’s head, shattering it into a million pieces. CANDIDATE turns to address the camera.)

CANDIDATE: My name is insert your name here, and I definitely approved this message.