States I Refuse to Acknowledge as Midwestern
by Meghann Marco (7/27/2006)

We’re Here, We’re On Fire, Get Used To It
by Eric March (7/26/2006)

Monologue: Bob Hope Auditions for the Role of Quint in Jaws: April 12, 1974 (The USS Indianapolis Monologue)
by Robert Hornak (7/26/2006)

George Viebranz Has Taken to His Bed: Dispatch 2: What It Took and What I’ll Take
by George Viebranz (7/25/2006)

Guidelines For Our Son Jeremiah’s First Birthday Party
by Christopher Monks (7/25/2006)

Sestina: Filmskimming
by David Koehn (7/24/2006)

Black Shoe Diary: The Daily Musings Of Shuruku Umezawa: Junior Salesman, Ninja
by Eric Feezell (7/24/2006)

Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs: Waxing and Extracting at a Five-Star Spa
by Suzanne Yeagley (7/22/2006)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to My 80-Year-Old Parents’ New Buick Park Avenue Ultra
by Jeanne Shoemaker (7/21/2006)

Playground Rhymes For The Real World
by Jim Stallard (7/21/2006)

The Convergences Contest: Contest Winner #13: The March
by Emily Marvosh (7/20/2006)

FreeDarko’s Executive Quarters of Organized Basketball: We Should All Be So Starkly Determined
by Bethlehem Shoals (7/20/2006)

Eight New Entries In The 2007 Writer’s Market Guide To Literary Journals
by Scott Cunningham (7/20/2006)

List: Failed NASA Space Programs
by Jonathan Shipley (7/19/2006)

List: Shows I Pitched VH1
by Brian Beatty (7/19/2006)

List: Groups Shocked at the Revelation That Judas May Have Been Jesus’ Most Loyal Disciple
by James Yeh (7/19/2006)

Traig & McGrath, Shut-In Detectives: Case 42
by Jenny Traig and Peter McGrath (7/18/2006)

Jokes by Brian Beatty: Lonely Planet
by Brian Beatty (7/18/2006)

Future Garfield Strips, If Garfield Aged at the Normal Feline Rate (Based On Real Life Experiences With a Twentysomething Cat)
by Andrew and Edward Kirkpatrick (7/18/2006)

Sestina: Sestina for the Working Mother
by Deborah Garrison (7/17/2006)

We Must Never Forget Whatever Happened Here Today
by John Howell Harris (7/17/2006)

George Viebranz Has Taken to His Bed: Dispatch 1: Prelude to Bed Rest
by George Viebranz (7/14/2006)

Expert Help for Your Fantasy Baseball Franchise: 2006 Midseason Awards
by Rick Paulas (7/14/2006)

FreeDarko’s Executive Quarters of Organized Basketball: Scarce Shoes of Heat and Light
by Bethlehem Shoals (7/14/2006)

List: Some Entirely Realistic Suggestions Following the Failures of the Quixotic “War on Drugs” and “War on Terror.”
by Andrew Meek and James Murray (7/13/2006)

List: Bullet Points Written on a Conference Room Easel, Left Over From a Meeting at Which I Wish I Had Been Present
by Ryan Hebert (7/13/2006)

The Convergences Contest: Contest Winner #12: Inside and Out There
by Lena Webb (7/12/2006)

Jokes by Brian Beatty: Advice From the Romance Department
by Brian Beatty (7/12/2006)

Warnings I’ve Tried to Sneak Into the Fine Print At the Bottom of Your TV Screen.
by Dan Kennedy (7/12/2006)

Sestina: Flown the Parrots of Averse Writing
by Heidi Lynn Staples (7/10/2006)

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