List: Versions of Well-Known Films in Which the Protagonist Has Been Replaced With Leon Trotsky
by Erick Peterson (10/22/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: The Hobo Conundrum
by Ethan Waters (10/21/2004)

Excerpts From Dagwood Bumstead’s Intervention
by John Moe (10/21/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: Marv, Fawn, and Me
by Beth Lisick (10/20/2004)

List: Dissertation Titles That Suggest the Author Was Preoccupied With Other Issues at the Time of Writing
by Zhubin Parang (10/20/2004)

List: Inappropriate “Do It” Slogans
by Jeremy Martin (10/20/2004)

List: Recent Occurrences at Owl Creek Bridge
by Lucas Klauss (10/20/2004)

List: The Search Continues: Places Where O.J. Simpson Has Not Found the Killer
by Dan Kennedy (10/20/2004)

List: Bands and Musicians Whose Careers Would Be Quite Different Had They Initially Misspelled Their Own Names
by Chuck Whittington (10/20/2004)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to the Enormous Bruise on My Upper Right Arm, Kind of Near the Bicep, That I Acquired Last Weekend While Playing Football
by Annette Janik (10/20/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: Yeah, I’m Muhammad Ali
by Mary Roach (10/19/2004)

Effective Application Strategies for Mrs. Schobel’s Morning-Recess Dodgeball
by Chris Guthrie (10/19/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: Bush Bum
by Bob Tedeschi (10/18/2004)

Explaining Novelty T-shirts to My Mom
by Pasha Malla (10/18/2004)

Sestina: Posttraumatic Small-Talk Disorder
by Brooks Haxton (10/18/2004)

Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go In Europe: The Door to Hell: Paris, France
by Kevin Dolgin (10/17/2004)

Short Essays on Favorite Songs, Inspired by Nick Hornby’s Songbook: “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf
by Jenny Klein (10/15/2004)

List: Prince Song or Inspirational Signage Outside Byron United Covenant Church?
by Michelle Orange (10/15/2004)

List: Names of Cheeses Inspired by Star Wars Characters
by Steve Krodman (10/15/2004)

How Past Girlfriends Could Have Changed History
by Brian Sack (10/14/2004)

THEM!: The Play
by James Erwin (10/13/2004)

Dispatches From a Public Librarian: Dispatch 11: An Interview With Josh, Who Is a Library Page, and Whose Name Has Been Changed
by Scott Douglas (10/13/2004)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to My Inner Child
by Kevin O. Cuinn (10/13/2004)

Sestina: Whitman’s Sampler: Killing the Father of Free Verse
by Daphne Gottlieb (10/12/2004)

Nicotine Kid
by Chris Ogden (10/12/2004)

List: Republican Dozens
by David Jasper (10/12/2004)

List: Titles of Hardy Boys Books in Which the Villain Could Have Turned Out to Be George W. Bush
by Martin Bell (10/12/2004)

List: Nine Lessons Learned From Baseball on the Radio
by Joe Lavin (10/12/2004)

Music Video Ideas That Unfortunately Will Never Be Filmed
by Scott Keneally (10/11/2004)

Hiking Safety Tips
by Jim Stallard (10/8/2004)

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