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List: Song Titles, Before Editing for Language Efficiency and Clarity
by Jack Schneider, Moses Rifkin and Paul Sacchetti (5/10/2005)

Dispatches From Couples Therapy
by Jeff Drake and Wendy Molyneux (5/10/2005)

Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go In Europe: Switzerland’s Least Boring Street
by Kevin Dolgin (5/9/2005)

Medical Case Histories on Mount Olympus
by Jim Stallard (5/9/2005)

Short Essays on Favorite Songs, Inspired by Nick Hornby’s Songbook: Piano Concerto No. 3 by Ludwig Van Beethoven
by David Anderson (5/7/2005)

List: Selections From the Beatles’ Catalog, Had the Band Evolved Not Toward the Adoption of a More Experimental Sound in Its Later Years, but Into Rorqual Whales
by Eric March (5/6/2005)

List: From the Prog Rock Ice Cream Shoppe: Flavors Inspired by a Certain Canadian Power Trio
by Matt Bull (5/6/2005)

List: New Radiohead Material to Be Debuted at a Benefit Show to Protest Privatization of the Postal Sector
by Jez Burrows and Michael Jenkins (5/6/2005)

Sestina: The Lyricist and His Rock Star
by Peter Jay Shippy (5/6/2005)

Three Lists Involving Musical Artists
by Eric March, Jez Burrows, Matt Bull and Michael Jenkins (5/6/2005)

Thursday and Empire: or, How a Typical Workday Can Seem More Important When Modeled As a Great Era in Western Civilization
by Vince Licata (5/5/2005)

List: Things I Cannot Say to My Unpaid Interns As It Would Make Me Look Like an Ungrateful Bitch
by Amy Adoyzie (5/4/2005)

List: Things I Imagine My Boss Does When He Goes Home for the Night
by Nick Pyle (5/4/2005)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to Shrink-Wrap
by Christopher Dazey (5/4/2005)

List: Last Names Clearly Derived From Ancestral Professions
by Sam Means (5/3/2005)

Monologue: Bit Bit, Speak!: A Monologue From the Canine Companion Of Britney Spears And Kevin Federline
by Kathy Cacace (5/3/2005)

List: The Settings That Would Be On a Blender Today If the Blender Had Been Invented, Say, 100 Years Before Its Actual Invention Date of 1922
by Steve Schneider (5/2/2005)

Understanding the Seattle SuperSonics by Comparing Them to Girls You May Have Dated in College
by Charlie Williams (5/2/2005)

The Settings That Would Be On A Blender Today If The Blender Had Been Invented, Say, 100 Years Before Its Actual Invention Date Of 1922
by Steve Schneider (5/2/2005)

Dispatches From a Real McSweeney: Golf Is a Dangerous Game
by Timothy McSweeney (5/1/2005)

List: Reasons We Can’t Have a Baby, Honey
by Geoff Smith (4/29/2005)

List: Titles of Sermons to Which Congregants Might Actually Pay Attention
by Jason Kellett (4/29/2005)

Are You Falling In Love With Your Excess Body Fat?
by Eric Silver (4/29/2005)

List: Good Casino Ads / Bad Things for Someone to Say About Your Mom
by Molly Dolan (4/29/2005)

The Gay Agenda
by L. (4/28/2005)

Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs: An Interview with Matt Haze, Former Movie Extra
by Suzanne Yeagley (4/27/2005)

What I Would Be Thinking About If I Were Billy Joel Driving Toward a Holiday Party Where I Knew There Was Going to Be a Piano
by Michael Ian Black (4/27/2005)

List: Translated Thoughts and Questions That Are Running Through a North Korean Refugee’s Mind When He Is Awarded Political Asylum in the United States, Settles Down, Turns on the Television, and the First Thing He Sees Is a Fancy Feast Cat-Food Commercial
by David Aldridge (4/26/2005)

A Brief History of Bacon: A Quarter Century of Washington Basketball
by The Wizznutzz (4/26/2005)

Translated Thoughts And Questions That Are Running Through A North Korean Refugee’s Mind When He Is Awarded Political Asylum In The United States, Settles Down, Turns On The Television, And The First Thing He Sees Is A Fancy Feast Cat Food Commercial
by David Aldridge (4/26/2005)

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