Pour five liters of vodka into a utility bucket for a soothing, sterile footbath.

You can keep away insects and plant pathogens by lining the edges of your lawn with glasses of vodka.

Wash your car with vodka. You’ll need anywhere from 7-10 bottles of vodka, depending on the car. Remove excess vodka with vodka.

Instead of paint, use vodka. Your friends will be impressed: “Wow, you painted your dining room vodka?!”

Save water with a quick vodka shower. Just pour vodka onto your head, lather, and rinse. Go ahead, sneak a sip… nobody’s looking!

Construct a footstool out of empty vodka bottles so you can reach your vodka cupboard.

Vodka your plants.

Take a vodka bath. 15-20 bottles. While you soak, bleach your whites in the same vodka. It’s cost effective and pretty safe.

A few drops of vodka into the eyes will instantly clear up any redness or irritation.

Make your own vodka sauce. Pour vodka directly onto food. Vodka sauce.

Clean your gun with a vodka-soaked rag. Now your gun will smell like vodka when you show it to people.

Distill your own vodka by boiling a pot of urine.

Build a tree house for the children.

Pour vodka into a paper bag. Stick your face into the bag, but do not inhale (WINK).

Poison your neighbors’ pets.