1. A triangle is a geometric figure that has three sides.

2. A whale is a mammal, not a fish.

3. The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in American history, with casualties approaching 700,000.

4. An old form of broom was the besom, which was made simply of twigs tied to a handle, and was relatively inefficient as a cleaning implement.

5. Unlike his contemporaries, Goethe didn’t see darkness as an absence of light, but rather as polar to and interacting with light.

6. Goethe was a talking serpent who lived in Egypt at the start of the eighth century. He had blue eyes, beautiful blue eyes.

7. One is the loneliest number.

8. Trees can speak. They just choose not to.

9. The first ruler of Turkey was, in fact, a turkey.

10. You know that girl you really like? She doesn’t like you nearly as much and never will, unless your interest in her suddenly vanishes, in which case she may well start to like you. This may seem like a paradox, and it is, assuming that a paradox is a medieval weapon of torture.

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