Somehow they made it work. Despite being from different years, he from 1996 and she from 2016, Nicholas Turner and Sonia Mehta were married on April 23, 2016. They met in Munich, Germany in 1932, while trying to kill Adolph Hitler.

“It’s so funny,” said Ms. Mehta, 31, laughing. “Our mutual love was born from a mutual hatred of history’s greatest monster,” she continued. “Hey, Stalin was no picnic, either,” chimed in Mr. Turner, 36, laughing and then adding, “I know, cliché, right? The first thing you do when you get your hands on a time machine is try and kill Hitler. But, you have to, right?”

The couple described the night they met as chaotic, but wonderful. “There were a lot of us there who had come from the future to try and kill Hitler at this beer hall in Munich, but out of all the would-be Hitler assassin bachelors she picked me,” said the groom. Continuing the story, the bride added, “Hitler was on top of this table getting all worked up when someone ran up and strangled him with rope. I have to say, while he was obviously a terrible person, he was a compelling speaker.”

The bride said that what initially drew her to the groom was his sense of humor. “After Hitler was killed, all of us from the future sort of stood around, relieved but confused as to what to do. Did we just go back to our respective years? Did we try to explain to onlookers why he was killed? We were all flummoxed, and, then, Nicholas pulls out a pair of sunglasses, puts them on Hitler’s corpse and totally ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Hitler, picking Hitler up and walking him around with his head bobbing around like he was Bernie from those movies,” said the bride, alluding to the titular character of the 1989 comedy film Weekend at Bernie’s and its 1993 sequel Weekend at Bernie’s II. “Of course, everyone who had traveled from pre-1990s to kill Hitler didn’t get the reference, but still so worth it,” added the groom.

The two went to dinner that night in Munich and the rest, as they say, is history — subject to change based on time travel.

Ms. Mehta is a vice president at Conway Shandwick, a public relations and marketing agency. She graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers University. She is the daughter of Shalini and Dr. Anand Mehta of Tom’s River, New Jersey.

Mr. Turner works as a director in the wealth management department at AKT Investment Partners. He graduated from Lehigh University where he, not surprisingly, majored in history. He also received an M.B.A. degree from Northwestern University. He is the son of Brooke and Stuart Turner of Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania.

The couple has decided to split the difference and live in 2006. For their honeymoon, the couple plans to travel back in time to 1989 to buy stock in Microsoft and hope to also catch Weekend at Bernie’s in its original theatrical run.

“Love happens when you least expect it and I certainly wasn’t expecting it that night in Munich. I just wanted to kill Hitler and get back to my life in 1996,” said a beaming groom. “But, I’m so glad Sonia was there trying to kill Hitler, too.”