Levene: You are a shithead, Williamson . . . (Pause.)

Williamson: Mmm.

Levene: You can’t think on your feet you should keep your mouth closed. (Pause.) You hear me? I’m talking to you. Do you hear me . . . ?

Williamson: Yes. (Pause.) I hear you.

Levene: You can’t learn that in an office. Eh? He’s right. You have to learn it on the streets. You can’t buy that. You have to live it.

Williamson: Mmm.

Levene: Yes. Mmm. Yes. Precisely. Precisely. ‘Cause your partner depends on it. (Pause.) I’m talking to you, I’m trying to tell you something.

Williamson: You are?

Levene: Yes, I am.

Williamson: What are you trying to tell me.

Levene: What Roma’s trying to tell you. What I told you yesterday. Why you don’t belong in this business and why we like “The Spanish Prisoner” better.

Williamson: Mmm.