Thank you for choosing the Dependable Obedient Guard (D.O.G.) system to keep your home safe. The D.O.G. system is easy to set up and operate.

Place your D.O.G. anywhere in your home. The D.O.G. is a mobile system that can respond to potential threats near the front door, the back door, and windows. The D.O.G. is equipped with high-powered audio and olfactory sensors. If there is a possible threat nearby, such as a squirrel, the D.O.G. will alert you immediately.

You will need to recharge the D.O.G. at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you do not recharge the D.O.G. promptly at 5 p.m., the D.O.G. will alert you that it needs to be recharged by issuing a series of loud sounds until you fill the D.O.G.’s charging station.

Your D.O.G. will be in Sleep Mode for parts of the day and evening. Even if the D.O.G. appears to be fully powered down, it will respond to your doorbell ringing with a full alert at top volume. Volume control is not available on this D.O.G. model.

The D.O.G. will tell you when a package arrives at your front door. The alert can be turned off by retrieving the package. Your mail carrier or other delivery people can also turn off the function by providing the D.O.G. with a cookie; the D.O.G. will then automatically seek cookies from them from that point forward. There is no way to turn off this feature.

Upon leaving your home, you can put your D.O.G. system into Away Mode by placing the D.O.G. in the kitchen or a crate. The D.O.G. will make a loud howling sound until you leave the house. This should subside shortly after you leave. To put your D.O.G. system into Home Mode when you return, simply release the D.O.G. from its confinement. The D.O.G. will respond with fervent tail wagging, jumping, and twisting around like a small child who has just eaten two cupcakes. Use your hands to repeatedly stroke the D.O.G., and it will go back to normal Home Mode within a few minutes.

Your D.O.G. may occasionally emit off-putting smells. Clean your D.O.G. with warm water and a mild cleanser to resolve this. Note: Your D.O.G. will shake after washing to rid itself of excess water and will rub itself on all your rugs and furniture to dry itself.

Your D.O.G. comes equipped with an anti-anxiety button. If you should ever feel a sense of impending doom, simply press your finger to the D.O.G.’s button located in the middle of its face. Say “boop” while you press the button. The D.O.G. will respond by licking your face. Although this sensation may feel slightly unpleasant at first, it will have a calming effect. Your D.O.G. is also equipped with the latest in anti-sadness technology. To activate this feature, throw a toy or ball anywhere near your D.O.G. The anti-sadness technology will immediately start and will remain in effect for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes, at which point your sadness will be gone, and the D.O.G. will go into Sleep Mode.

We hope you will enjoy the many features and benefits of the D.O.G. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your D.O.G., let us remind you that your previous alarm system, the C.A.T., was very cute but destroyed all your furniture, tracked litter all over the house, shed like crazy, and did not in any way deter intruders.