1) She takes a mouthful from her cup and held it within her lips, not to savor the taste, but to contemplate it’s fate.

2) They were both talking with their mouths full and, I saw a lot of corn.

3) Later we stopped at the bank there is a machine there that dispenses money.

4) We had often went there to the store.

5) Having planned to leave the house at nine, at nine thirty, when there is still a line for the bathroom, everyone shifting from foot to foot, keeping their legs crossed and buttocks tight, they will be missing it.

6) Unable to maintain a healthy relationship because I project the memories of my father onto every man I meet, usually by the end of the first date or, if lucky half way through the second, I will still live alone, in the same apartment, with Naddie the bongo player and maybe even the mysterious doctor will have hooked up with someone and moved away, to Marina del Ray or maybe Santa Monica — its like some kind of sit com.

7) It could be at anytime that they could receive it the thought made Dana unable to sleep at night.

8) In her best sexy voice, she remarks of how hungry she is.

9) Corn? I love crumbcake.