Apple’s game-changing iPhone was released ten years ago today. In just a decade, it’s redefined social interaction, opened new doors for the media industry, and completely evolved the way we poop. The only thing that hasn’t changed in these ten whirlwind years is my mom’s absolute bewilderment at the iPhone’s camera feature.

- - -

Original iPhone (2007)

“Okay, so I just push this button down here? Wait no — it went back to the home page. What happened? Okay, how do I get it back? Photos? No. Camera? Okay. Okay here we go. Ready? Hold still, Uncle Greg. It’s loading. Okay here we go, ready? Smile! … It did it again, it went back to the home page.”

iPhone 3G (2008)

“Alright here we go. Readyyyyy… the flash didn’t go off. Is the flash supposed to go off? How do I turn the flash on? Uh huh. Okay it went into my photos now. Uh huh. Now it’s locked. Okay, I’m back. Here we go. It’s loading. Hold still, Uncle Greg. Here we go, ready? Smiiiile! The flash still didn’t go off. Now it’s playing music, what’s happening?”

iPhone 3GS (2009)

“Okay everybody smile! … What’s going on? It says ‘recording.’ It’s a video?! I don’t want a video! How do I stop it?! Do I press the button? Okay I want to delete the video, though. How do I delete the video? Now it looks like a map. It’s giving me directions to Starbucks. Does anyone want anything from Starbucks?”

iPhone 4 (2010)

“Is everyone ready? Okay here we go! Wait what is this? I just see myself now. Oh god, I look terrible, get rid of this! Why is there a camera in the front now? Do I have to turn the phone around? Okay, now it says ‘Uncle Greg would like to Facetime.’ What’s a Facetime? Can you still make regular calls?”

iPhone 4S (2011)

“How do I get back to the camera? Okay… wait what was that?! It’s talking to me now! Why is it talking to me? Siri? Who’s Siri?! Why is she talking to me? Make her stop! Siri, take a photo! Should I post this photo on Google?”

iPhone 5 (2012)

“I want to email this to Uncle Greg. Hello? Siri? Email photo to Uncle Greg. Hello?! What do you mean? I have to go all the way into my photos just to email it?! Okay, wait. Now it looks like a square. Why is it a square? I don’t wanna take a square photo! What is an instant gram? Is that drugs?”

iPhone 5S (2013)

“Why can’t I unlock it? I did put my fingerprint in! Yes, with my thumb! I have to use the same thumb?! I can’t just use any finger? Okay fine. Here we go, ready? Smile! … It says ‘slow mo,’ what’s that? It says ‘recording slow mo.’ Why would I want to do that? It’s still going, how do I stop it? Okay. Now it’s playing a video on the YouTube. Oh, Uncle Greg have you seen this? The video with the cat? Here let me email it to you.”

iPhone 6 (2014)

“Now it says panorama. What is that? Do I have to do a panorama? Can I still take regular photos? Okay, now I’m in the app store. How do I get out of there? Uh huh. Now it says I’m buying a Taylor Swift album. What happened? Is this the cloud? I heard I’m supposed to put my photos on the cloud. Is it a real cloud? Where is the cloud?”

iPhone 6S (2015)

“Uncle Greg has a Snapchat now. Should I get a Snapchat? Where do you buy a Snapchat? Can I see you on Snapchat? Are you on there? What about The Facebook? Can I download this photo to the Facebook or do I have to email it? I don’t want the whole internet seeing my photos!”

iPhone SE (2016)

“Hey, can everyone write down their email addresses so I can send you the photo? Yeah, just that piece of paper right there. Here I’ll hold my phone’s flashlight so you can see. Uncle Greg, are you okay? What’s going on? UNCLE GREG?!”

iPhone 7 (2017)

“Hold still everyone. Yeah, almost have it. No! We’re not getting Uncle Greg in the photo. Because we’re not! You’re not supposed to photograph the dead, it’s in bad taste. Okay be quiet, everyone get together. Ready?! Smile! Wait the flash didn’t go off. How do I turn the flash on again?”