1. “Where the infinite consciousness within all living things cry sometimes you can just hang there and fly.”

2. “We all will get what we want. Because all that we want is to try and get what we want. Regain the main core of our blood. Please get it going. The hearts of blood beat on our side.”

3. “This is not a revival. This is not a return to the past. This is not a tribute to what has come before. This is not anything. THIS IS EVERYTHING.”

4. “It is my hope and dream to hook up through the satellites with everyone that’s in the Family.”

5. “Look into vast timeless lasting forever or as long as we can hold the moment.”

6. “I can read all the stuff that I have written, and the brain still breaks.”

7. “What we worked so hard to build together can be preserved as a memorial to our times, even if we aren’t building them anymore. We can look after and tend to what we had. It is present and current. It does not need to be destroyed or forgotten.”

Andrew W.K.: 2, 3, 6, 7
Charles Manson: 1, 4, 5