Super Powers I Wish I Had
by Josh Herman (7/29/2016)

Monologue: Donatello Will Have You Know That If the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Were Little Women, Raphael Would Totally Be Amy
by Philip Wolfe (7/29/2016)

List: Demands from California Delegation BernieBros to NOT Disrupt Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech
by Christopher Monks and John Warner (7/28/2016)

Why I’m Supporting Donald Trump: Make America Grape Again
by Seth Fried (7/28/2016)

Let’s Have a Meeting to Plan Our Next Meeting
by Josh Freedman (7/28/2016)

Best Joke Ever: Who’s the Funniest Star Wars Character?
by Mark Peters (7/28/2016)

List: 7 Romantic Places for You and Your Dream Guy Who Lives With His Girlfriend
by Madeleine Trebenski (7/28/2016)

Writing Exorcises
by Dan Kelly (7/27/2016)

Key Ring Chronicles: Black Ceramic Wedding Band
by Jessica Arnott (7/27/2016)

List: 5 Signs That Your Tinder Date is Actually a TGI Friday’s Baked Potato Skin
by Becky Mandelbaum (7/27/2016)

Welcome to Teen Island!
by Carrie Wittmer (7/26/2016)

List: Comforting Thoughts for #NeverHillary Bernie Supporters After Trump’s First Term
by David Kawalec (7/26/2016)

Monologue: You’re Damn Right I’m Comfortable Performing These Exit Row Duties
by Chris Partridge (7/26/2016)

A Contractual Agreement for Your Family’s WhatsApp Group
by Evan Williams (7/25/2016)

List: Bivalve eHarmony Ads
by Kristy Eldredge (7/25/2016)

Inside Witnesses: One Crime’s Many Narratives: Arielle Turns Around
by Marti Jonjak (7/25/2016)

These Smart Swimming Trunks Automatically Remind You to Be Self-Conscious!
by Chris Brotzman (7/22/2016)

List: Who Said It? Donald Trump or Regina George?
by Amber Karlins (7/22/2016)

How to Be a Better Teacher-Person Through Apathy: The Substitute
by John Minichillo (7/22/2016)

Your Private, Nonprofit High School Congratulates You On Your New Job!
by Broti Gupta (7/21/2016)

Vows: Donald J. Trump and Michael Pence
by Craig Welter (7/21/2016)

List: BreitBard: The Canonical Plays
by Matthew Solomon and Stacey Garratt (7/21/2016)

Teddy Wayne’s Unpopular Proverbs: Lust
by Teddy Wayne (7/21/2016)

I Am Concerned That Our Political Discourse Has Become Too Polarized
by Pete Reynolds (7/20/2016)

Listicles For People Exactly Like You: 10 Signs You Might Be a Precocious 16-Year-Old Named Annabelle.
by Rufi Thorpe (7/20/2016)

My Own Private Shock Corridor: Whistling In the Dark, Part 2
by Bob Schneider (7/20/2016)

If Writers and Poets Billed By the Hour
by Christopher D. LeGras (7/19/2016)

Monologue: Clint Eastwood Talks to the Empty SCOTUS Seat at the 2016 GOP Convention
by Daniel Maurer (7/19/2016)

Key Ring Chronicles: “Caius” Tag
by Beth Ineson (7/19/2016)

Welcome to My Rejuvenating Meditation Retreat at the Republican National Convention!
by Theodore Johnston (7/18/2016)

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