Excerpts From the Gilmore Girls Revival Script, Which Seem to Indicate That Aliens Play a Large Role in the Show
by Tim Hayes (9/23/2016)

List: Lesser-Known Writing Fellowships
by Kathleen Founds (9/23/2016)

Inside Witnesses: One Crime’s Many Narratives: Shira and Her Boss Take Care of Business
by Marti Jonjak (9/23/2016)

It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers
by Colin Nissan (9/22/2016)

Spring Forward, Fall Into Perpetual Darkness
by Sarah Hutto (9/22/2016)

List: Things I Love About Fall in New England
by Elisa Abatsis (9/22/2016)

Our Tiny Home is Revolutionizing How My Wife and I Fight
by Daniel Carrillo (9/21/2016)

Monologue: I’m Mad as Hell, and I’m Only Going to Put Up With It for Another Ten or Fifteen Years
by Wen Powers (9/21/2016)

List: Country Songs for Progressives
by Tricia England (9/21/2016)

Is He Hot or Is He Just Holding Their Eyes Were Watching God?
by Samantha Shanker (9/20/2016)

Key Ring Chronicles: Miner’s Lamp Tag and Cycling End Caps
by Nicolas Milligan (9/20/2016)

List: The Tracklist for My All-White, Entirely Male Punk Band’s Forthcoming Trump-Era Opus
by Tom Noonan (9/20/2016)

An Honest Intern Application Cover Letter
by Nick Hughes (9/19/2016)

List: Real Housewives of Shakespeare Tag Lines
by Maley Thompson (9/19/2016)

Reviews of New Food
by Various New Food Tasters (9/19/2016)

David, Your Latest Marketing Report Brought Me to Tears
by Conal Darcy (9/16/2016)

Hijabi in Plain Sight: On Being Way Too Black
by R. Aicha (9/16/2016)

List: Vogue Asked Kendall Jenner 73 Questions and Yet We Still Know Nothing About Her Thoughts on Gerrymandering. Here Are Seven Additional Questions We Demand She Answer. Now
by Gary M. Almeter (9/16/2016)

I Went to a Trump Rally. What I Found There Was a Bunch of Other Journalists Already Writing This Article
by Dan Hopper (9/15/2016)

From the Therapy Notes File of Patient Ash Ketchum
by Olga Lexell (9/15/2016)

List: 11 Things You Definitely Don’t Know About Friends, You Idiot
by Jonathan Zeller (9/15/2016)

Tinder is the Night (And the Day And the Morning And the Bathroom)
by Janelle Blasdel (9/14/2016)

List: Reasons Why I, Your Adjunct Instructor, Will Not Hold Office Hours Today
by Jacob Aplaca (9/14/2016)

I Don’t Have This Job: I Am an Animator
by Joslyn Sklar and Justin Sklar (9/14/2016)

That Time I Published a Personal Essay On the Internet
by Teddy Wayne (9/13/2016)

List: Vague Quotes from Beat Generation Authors to Make Straight Cisgendered White Men Feel Good About Their Choices
by Liz Arcury (9/13/2016)

Monologue: I’m EpiPen and I Haven’t Changed One Bit
by David Henne (9/13/2016)

Six-Minute Shipping!
by Luke Roloff (9/12/2016)

Inside Witnesses: One Crime’s Many Narratives: Joe Gets Back to Work
by Marti Jonjak (9/12/2016)

List: 21st Century Campaign Gaffe or Popular Song Title?
by John Macintosh (9/12/2016)

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