Sestina: Sestina (Derailed)
by Robert C. Mooney (11/13/2006)

La Maison Du Nord Bachelorette Party Prix Fixe Menu
by Todd Levin (11/13/2006)

Mike Richardson-Bryan’s Five Stages of Grief: Ann Coulter
by Mike Richardson-Bryan (11/11/2006)

The Convergences Contest: Contest Winner #22:
Seeing the Tree for the Forest

by Walter Murch (11/10/2006)

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist: Licensed Aromatherapy
by Dan Liebert (11/10/2006)

Rejected America’s Funniest Home Videos Submissions, As Logged By Junior Production Assistant Intern Kenneth Polk
by Andrew Kiraly (11/10/2006)

Monologue: The Lead Singer Is Distracting Me
by Juan Martinez (11/10/2006)

Dispatches From Adjunct Faculty at a Large State University: Dispatch 13: On Hardheads
by Oronte Churm (11/9/2006)

I Would Like To Apologize To The Class
by Wendy Molyneux (11/9/2006)

List: Phrases on the Marquee at the Local Strip Club to Cater to a More Literate Crowd
by Jonathan Shipley (11/8/2006)

List: Jokes Made by Robots, for Robots
by J. Alex Boyd (11/8/2006)

List: Twist Endings
by Geoff Haggerty (11/8/2006)

2006 Voter’s Guide
by Matthew Baldwin (11/7/2006)

Sestina: The Liftings and the Fallings
by Jonah Winter (11/6/2006)

The Race For Junior Class Vice President Goes Negative
by Michael Ward (11/6/2006)

Cormac McCarthy Writes to the Editor of the Santa Fe New Mexican
by John Kennan (11/3/2006)

The Convergences Contest: Contest Winner #21: Moral Confusion: Iraq, Munich, and Vietnam
by Donald Rumsfeld (11/2/2006)

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist: Gang of Toddlers
by Dan Liebert (11/2/2006)

FreeDarko’s Executive Quarters of Organized Basketball: Mouth That Speaks, Mouth That Burns
by Bethlehem Shoals (11/2/2006)

Aaron Sorkin Visits a Dental Hygienist
by Jack Pendarvis (11/2/2006)

List: Prescription Drug or Metal Band?
by Eryk Salvaggio (11/1/2006)

List: Self-Help Books for Hipsters
by Jennifer Dziura (11/1/2006)

Brett Favre Is Like A Kid Out There
by Adam Underhill (10/31/2006)

Mike Richardson-Bryan’s Five Stages of Grief: Gary Busey
by Mike Richardson-Bryan (10/31/2006)

My Father The Lawyer
by Chris Van Orden (10/30/2006)

Monologue: And They Say You Can’t Get Any Jobs With a Philosophy Degree
by Devin Blake (10/30/2006)

Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go In Europe: The (or at Least a) Temple of Spanish Soccer
by Kevin Dolgin (10/29/2006)

The Convergences Contest: Another Carnival of Convergences
by Andrea Ford, Ariel S. Winter, Jimmy Chen, Kevin Deutsch, Manuel Gonzales and Robert Joseph Carreon (10/28/2006)

The Terror Alert Levels: A Brown Person’s Guide
by RT Sehgal (10/27/2006)

List: Reasons I Disagree With the Premise of the Song “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”
by Chris Hughes (10/27/2006)

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