List: Reason for Celebrating Every Major Holiday With the In-laws, According to My Mother-in-Law
by CJ Leddy (2/2/2007)

Talk To Us With Towels
by Rob Sears (2/2/2007)

If My Parents In Spokane Submitted What They Considered Celebrity Sightings To Gawker.Com
by Kate Kershner (2/1/2007)

Sestina: How to Build a Sestina Template in Microsoft Excel
by Daniel Ari (2/1/2007)

Open Letter: An Open Letter to Anna Louise Jordan, Author of What Does an EMT Do?
by Tom Miller (2/1/2007)

Dispatches from the NBA Entertainment League: Dispatch 17: The Game That Begged Ecclesiastic Pondering
by Graham Murphy (1/31/2007)

Jokes by Brian Beatty: Yes Man
by Brian Beatty (1/31/2007)

Traveling Europe in Style With Auckland Dingiroo, Dark-Age Tourist and Critic of Food and Drink: Where Not to Go
by John Hallmann (1/31/2007)

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist: A Summer Reverie
by Dan Liebert (1/30/2007)

The International Society Of Magicians Responds To An Applicant
by Rob Bloom (1/30/2007)

Rough Drafts Of Jenna Bush’s Young Adult Novel
by Jeff Barnosky (1/29/2007)

Monologue: My Brain’s Answers During an Interview After Hearing the News That I Am About to Take Mushrooms for the First Time
by Dan Klein (1/27/2007)

Letters Home From The Cola Wars: Volume One
by Peter Hyman (1/26/2007)

List: Alternate Titles for House of Flying Daggers
by Zachary Bloom (1/25/2007)

List: The Meatball Studies Major: Suggested Courses
by Nick Leggin (1/25/2007)

List: What Members of an Increasingly Petulant Host Family Say to Foreign-Exchange Student Maloka Bibihou
by Andrew Kiraly (1/25/2007)

Jean Paul Sartre, 911 Operator
by Tyler Stoddard Smith (1/25/2007)

Jokes by Brian Beatty: Milking It
by Brian Beatty (1/24/2007)

Mike Fowler’s Dinner With Putin: Scene 5: A Shot Heard Round the World
by Michael Fowler (1/24/2007)

A Football Halftime Pep Talk Given By Someone Who Knows Nothing About Football—Namely, Me
by Wendy Molyneux (1/23/2007)

Sestina: Spanish Sestina
by Mike McShane (1/23/2007)

This Is An Announcement From Your Fire Safety Administrator
by Matthew Callan (1/22/2007)

The 4-Year-Old Appears on Deal or No Deal
by Ross Murray (1/19/2007)

List: Things That Get Way More Fun When You Add a “G” to Them
by Brian Case (1/19/2007)

List: Things an Overbearing Mother Might Say to a Son Just Waking From a Coma
by Mark Tuben (1/19/2007)

List: Books Written by Kurt Vonnegut While Hungry
by Jeffrey Lang-Weir (1/19/2007)

Business Ideas I Have Rejected In My Capacity As Your Bank Manager
by Rob Sears (1/19/2007)

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist: But Who Will Play Me?
by Dan Liebert (1/18/2007)

I Probably Shouldn’t Have Opted For The Cheapest HMO
by Jim Stallard (1/18/2007)

Monologue: Matthew McConaughey Explains to His Friend Rich That He Forgot His Dr. Pepper
by Dede Preno (1/18/2007)

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