Tripadvisor.Com Reviews: Jekyll & Hyde B&B
by Kate Hahn (11/17/2006)

List: Classic Titles We Tried to Turn Into Fake Titles for O.J.‘s New Book That Turned Out to Sound Too Much Like Real Titles for O.J.’s New Book
by Ann Slichter, Jeff Drake, John Roberston and Wendy Molyneux (11/16/2006)

List: Potential Nicknames for the Star Player on My Son’s Soccer Team
by Wendi Aarons (11/16/2006)

List: Reasons Selected Relationships With Women Have Failed, in Autobiographical Order, From Fifth Grade to Present
by Scott Downes (11/16/2006)

List: Acceptable Written Forms for the Bullwhip Sound Effect
by Adam Koford (11/16/2006)

List: Other Tobacco Mascots That Met With Disapproval From the American Medical Association
by Eric Feezell (11/16/2006)

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist: A Unique Opportunity
by Dan Liebert (11/16/2006)

Cate Blanchett Upgrades Her Cable Service
by Emily Talbott (11/16/2006)

Stained Teeth: A Column About Wine: Column 1: The First Tasting
by Matthew Latkiewicz (11/15/2006)

Responses To Recurrent Critiques Of My Toothbrush Of The Month Club Idea
by Jay Wexler (11/14/2006)

Sestina: Sestina (Derailed)
by Robert C. Mooney (11/13/2006)

La Maison Du Nord Bachelorette Party Prix Fixe Menu
by Todd Levin (11/13/2006)

Mike Richardson-Bryan’s Five Stages of Grief: Ann Coulter
by Mike Richardson-Bryan (11/11/2006)

The Convergences Contest: Contest Winner #22:
Seeing the Tree for the Forest

by Walter Murch (11/10/2006)

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist: Licensed Aromatherapy
by Dan Liebert (11/10/2006)

Rejected America’s Funniest Home Videos Submissions, As Logged By Junior Production Assistant Intern Kenneth Polk
by Andrew Kiraly (11/10/2006)

Monologue: The Lead Singer Is Distracting Me
by Juan Martinez (11/10/2006)

Dispatches From Adjunct Faculty at a Large State University: Dispatch 13: On Hardheads
by Oronte Churm (11/9/2006)

I Would Like To Apologize To The Class
by Wendy Molyneux (11/9/2006)

List: Phrases on the Marquee at the Local Strip Club to Cater to a More Literate Crowd
by Jonathan Shipley (11/8/2006)

List: Jokes Made by Robots, for Robots
by J. Alex Boyd (11/8/2006)

List: Twist Endings
by Geoff Haggerty (11/8/2006)

2006 Voter’s Guide
by Matthew Baldwin (11/7/2006)

Sestina: The Liftings and the Fallings
by Jonah Winter (11/6/2006)

The Race For Junior Class Vice President Goes Negative
by Michael Ward (11/6/2006)

Cormac McCarthy Writes to the Editor of the Santa Fe New Mexican
by John Kennan (11/3/2006)

The Convergences Contest: Contest Winner #21: Moral Confusion: Iraq, Munich, and Vietnam
by Donald Rumsfeld (11/2/2006)

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist: Gang of Toddlers
by Dan Liebert (11/2/2006)

FreeDarko’s Executive Quarters of Organized Basketball: Mouth That Speaks, Mouth That Burns
by Bethlehem Shoals (11/2/2006)

Aaron Sorkin Visits a Dental Hygienist
by Jack Pendarvis (11/2/2006)

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