Sestina: Spanish Sestina
by Mike McShane (1/23/2007)

This Is An Announcement From Your Fire Safety Administrator
by Matthew Callan (1/22/2007)

The 4-Year-Old Appears on Deal or No Deal
by Ross Murray (1/19/2007)

List: Things That Get Way More Fun When You Add a “G” to Them
by Brian Case (1/19/2007)

List: Things an Overbearing Mother Might Say to a Son Just Waking From a Coma
by Mark Tuben (1/19/2007)

List: Books Written by Kurt Vonnegut While Hungry
by Jeffrey Lang-Weir (1/19/2007)

Business Ideas I Have Rejected In My Capacity As Your Bank Manager
by Rob Sears (1/19/2007)

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist: But Who Will Play Me?
by Dan Liebert (1/18/2007)

I Probably Shouldn’t Have Opted For The Cheapest HMO
by Jim Stallard (1/18/2007)

Monologue: Matthew McConaughey Explains to His Friend Rich That He Forgot His Dr. Pepper
by Dede Preno (1/18/2007)

The Convergences Contest: Carnival of Convergences No. 3
by Bill Mech, Bradley Campbell, Guillermo Núñez, Helen Selonick, Lauren Redniss and Matt Haber (1/17/2007)

Mike Fowler’s Dinner With Putin: Scene 4: A Dissident Receives Her Just Desserts
by Michael Fowler (1/17/2007)

The “I’m Sorry I Failed To Make You Rich” Letter
by Dan Kennedy (1/17/2007)

Mike Richardson-Bryan’s Five Stages of Grief: Donald Trump
by Mike Richardson-Bryan (1/16/2007)

Dispatches from the NBA Entertainment League: Dispatch 16: The Game That Announced We Were Not to Be Messed With
by Graham Murphy (1/16/2007)

When TV Resembles Reality
by David Hart (1/16/2007)

On Third And Long, Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson Dials Up “Exotic” Blitz Packages
by Chris White (1/15/2007)

Regarding Those Internet Searches You Found And Then Confronted Me About In A Hostile Way? We’ll Be Laughing About The Huge Misunderstanding In This Week’s Counseling Session
by Frank Ferri (1/12/2007)

FreeDarko’s Executive Quarters of Organized Basketball: Teacups and Sodden Plums for All Days
by Bethlehem Shoals (1/12/2007)

List: Possible Titles for the Oscar-Winning “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” If Three 6 Mafia Had Been More Introspective
by James Miller (1/11/2007)

List: Possible Titles for To Kill a Mockingbird If It Had Been Based on What My Mother Said Was Sinful
by Erin Rooney Doland (1/11/2007)

Dan Liebert, Verbal Cartoonist: Blood Drive
by Dan Liebert (1/11/2007)

The iPhone: A User’s Guide
by Darren Cahr (1/11/2007)

Sestina: Ticker
by Michael Quattrone (1/10/2007)

John Updike, Television Writer
by Jared Young (1/10/2007)

Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go In Europe: Erbalunga
by Kevin Dolgin (1/10/2007)

Philip Graham Spends a Year in Lisbon: Dispatch 8: The Moon, Come to Earth
by Philip Graham (1/9/2007)

James, I Cannot Even Begin To Imagine Who Threw A Bag Full Of Feces Into Your Dishwasher
by John Jodzio (1/9/2007)

Monologue: Holden Caulfield Gives the Commencement Speech to a High School
by Andrew Tan (1/9/2007)

Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs: Matt Benson, Red Kangaroo
by Suzanne Yeagley (1/7/2007)

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