List: World Leader Fonts
by Michael Meilan (9/7/2006)

List: For the Coming Post-Chocolate-Milk Paradigm: Other Drinks That Can Be Made by Just Adding Chocolate Syrup
by Matthew Webster (9/7/2006)

List: Ikea Product or Lord of the Rings Character?
by Caley Feldman (9/7/2006)

Thomas Friedman Explains the Issues of the Day
by Sean Carman (9/7/2006)

George Viebranz Has Taken to His Bed: Dispatch 4: I Get Around
by George Viebranz (9/7/2006)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to My Lost Bikini Bra
by Jen Biundo (9/6/2006)

Philip Graham Spends a Year in Lisbon: Dispatch 3: 365 Days of Pork Surprise
by Philip Graham (9/5/2006)

Charlie Brown Has Never Knowingly Taken Steroids
by Andrew and Edward Kirkpatrick (9/5/2006)

John Moe’s Pop Song Correspondences: A Letter to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band From Sgt. Pepper
by John Moe (8/31/2006)

List: Suggested New Names for “Curry in a Hurry” After Last Saturday’s Dining Experience
by Ryan Paxton (8/30/2006)

List: Physical Characteristics I Wished My Boyfriend Possessed During Last Night’s Power Outage
by Kristie McClanahan (8/30/2006)

List: Original Title Suggestions by J.D. Salinger’s Publisher That Could Have Been Deleterious to the Success of His Magnum Opus
by Eric Feezell (8/30/2006)

Letters From an Earth Ball, To Or Concerning Sean Hannity: Sean Hannity Takes Care Of Business: Another Letter From An Earth Ball
by Ben Greenman (8/30/2006)

Monologue: A Push-Reel Mower’s Rumination on Mowing the Lawn in the Gas-Powered Age
by Brian Slattery (8/30/2006)

The Convergences Contest: Conterst Winner #17: Clothesline Raising Over Carlisle, Indiana
by Charlie Hopper (8/30/2006)

Social Security Denies Gregor Samsa’s Disability Claim
by Theodore McCombs (8/29/2006)

Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs: Kameron Bashi, Pharmaceutical Guinea Pig
by Suzanne Yeagley (8/27/2006)

List: Biblical Horror Movies
by Jonathan Shipley (8/25/2006)

List: Lesser-Known Joe Jacksons
by Eli Musser (8/25/2006)

Preliminary Betting Line— Bigfoot V. Aliens
by Richard D. Ross (8/25/2006)

Anticlimactic Retellings Of Near Death Experiences Rejected For Inclusion In A Forthcoming Talk Show Segment Entitled “Life, Death, And Beyond.”
by Eric Feezell (8/24/2006)

Bedtime Stories By Thom Yorke
by David Hart (8/23/2006)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to Wendy
by Jeff Robertson Alford (8/23/2006)

Jokes by Brian Beatty: Evenings and Weekends
by Brian Beatty (8/22/2006)

Traig & McGrath, Shut-In Detectives: Case 44
by Jenny Traig and Peter McGrath (8/21/2006)

The Fujita Scale Of Tornadic Activity
by Delia Guzman (8/21/2006)

The Convergences Contest: Contest Winner #16: A Rousseau/Hirshfield Convergence
by Adam Webb (8/19/2006)

Silly Things My 3-Year-Old Said That I’m Certain the Rest of the World Would Find Sweet and Cute
by Dan Kennedy (8/18/2006)

List: Ways in Which Spider-Man Does Not “Do Whatever a Spider Can.”
by Jon Mitchell (8/17/2006)

List: Toddler T-Shirt Slogans
by Darryl Berger (8/17/2006)

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