Bedtime Tea

From our family to yours, enjoy our perfectly crafted bedtime tea made with soothing chamomile and a touch of relaxing lavender.

Bedtime Tea Plus

We heard you, and we agree: Sometimes you need a little extra relaxation. That’s why our newest tea is made with even more chamomile and a touch more lavender. We love hearing from our passionate fans.

Bedtime Tea Plus Extra

We have received yet more feedback from our tea family! Our new formula has lavender, chamomile, and even some passionflower. If this is what you need, we will provide, reluctantly.

Bedtime Tea Plus Extra and More

Lavender, chamomile, passionflower, and — okay, yes — we also threw in some fennel and rose petals. This blend is not something we ever thought we’d make, and we’re not entirely comfortable with it, but here you go.

Bedtime Tea Plus Extra and More: Now Entering the Danger Zone

You may be wondering why you see a tiny skull and crossbones next to the ingredients list. It is because of the dandelion you requested. Be careful because if you steep this for more than ten minutes, you might not wake up in the morning.

Bedtime Tea Plus Extra and More: Crossed Over Into the Danger Zone

Tea family, may this latest blend bring you to Dreamland at last. It has lavender, chamomile, passionflower, fennel, rose petals, dandelion, and a mystery plant that smelled good, but no one in our lab could identify. We have sealed the teabag shut with extra staples for your protection.

Bedtime Tea: What Have We Done?

This one has everything — lavender, chamomile, passionflower, valerian root, oat flower, peppermint, lemongrass, fennel, rose petals, European elderflower, a mystery plant, and tilia flower. It’s all the sleep herbs we could find, all mixed up in a bag, and it’s all we can do. Take it! Take it and go to bed!

Limited Edition Bedtime Tea

This is the same tea as before, just in a specialty tin. We cannot in good conscience release a stronger tea than this one. So please, tea family, find stillness and serenity within this monogrammed tin and make peace with the end of this relaxation journey.

Sorry: No New Teas

We hear you banging on the specialty tins outside our headquarters. But we cannot find anything else to put in the bag. Unless, oh dear god… no, please…

Our Special Bedtime Tea Blended With Our Strongest Digestive Tea

Our corporate board forced our hand on this one. We tried to explain that you can’t play with fire like this. Oh, how we tried. But alas. They put their spreadsheets ahead of people’s bedsheets. We have won as a company but failed as a society.

Did Somebody Say “Lemon Ginger”?

Look what we made! Please! It’s a new blend that everyone in the family can enjoy. Say goodbye to bedtime tea and hello to your new zesty obsession.

Our Final Offering

So you didn’t go for the lemon ginger. Well, we guess that’s it then. All that’s left for us to do is offer our resignations, effective immediately. The sleep-tea industry will make you do things you never thought you were capable of. Things you wish you could forget. We can’t sleep at night anymore. Oh, the cruel irony. Hopefully, now we can finally get some rest.