Do you look outside at ruins of liberty and ask, what has become of my country? Gulfstream media says you cannot ask that. Amazon delivers your notice of cancellation. You think, am I canceled now? Is our beautiful HISTORY canceled? NO! (The question was not rhetorical.)

I remember the American dream when everything was PERFECT for everyone who mattered. Now dream is over because WOKE!? You know what this means, right? All electoral college debt will be CANCELED and there will be no more conventions in Wyoming forever. Only four beefs a year and a tax on your farts. The tax will go to China. “Where is the beef?” you will ask no one because your family died of masks. But you know where is the beef. (It is with Hunter and her emails.)

It will never be too late to stop the Steelers. Cross-stream media won’t tell you that right now ninjas are finding drive-through voting guides full of bamboo and Benghazi. Oh, but we are the pogromatic ones?

We must stand on our principled. Always at all times look to the past and the founding fathers who embraced like a rat king to spurt CONSTITUTION that said, “Take, eat, these are my guns to shoot when you are uncomfortable.” And the people made peaceful non-uppity protest and George Hamilton joined them on a horse he hugged with his superabundant thighs. He gave them whiskey and said, “This is a good rebellion.” How many horses do you think are in Biden’s bunker? Rescue horses maybe.

You know the libs, the independs, the Lincoln 1619 Project, and the rhinoceroses HATE America. They want to put tears in your eyes about slavery and insurrection but those are in the PAST and we must never ever look to the past because it is OVER. They want to rip cursive from your baby’s mouth and replace it with criminal race theory. But did you know… I have little girl? So women are people. But what happens when man goes inside lady room and lifts up my child’s gas prices? Every single day. Is this really what Dr. Seuss died for? I DON’T THINK.

You are smartest person in your zip code, but are you patriot? If you love America press MONEY.

- - -

This is a work of fiction,
and no artificial intelligence was subjected to this content.