“Yes, her Doni Tondo painting is nice. We’ll put that one in the ‘Women Artists’ part of the museum, for like a week.”

“So many paintings of naked men—she should focus on more feminine subjects, like staying at home, doing chores.”

“Do her parents know that she sculpted all those penises?”

“She says she likes to work alone, but it’s because she distracts all the other artists just by being there.”

“Maybe I could hire her to teach my children how to paint?”

“How does she find the time to make art and take care of her father?”

“She’s always hanging out with the popes. When is she going to finally get a husband?”

“She probably feels inadequate and that’s why she has to do both paintings and sculptures.”

“Somebody said she slept with one of the Medicis. That’s how she got this gig.”

“I heard Raphael had to get a side job as a gondolier because she was stealing all the painting jobs away from the men.”

“A real artist wouldn’t lie down all day.”

“She did a great job with the Sistine Chapel, for a woman.”

“What’s next, women writers?!”

One hundred years later: “Wow, this stuff by ‘Anonymous’ is magnificent; too bad we don’t know who the artist was!”