Summer is coming to an end, and you know what that means…

It’s your LAST CHANCE to socialize with me, a first-grade teacher, before I start setting up my classroom in NINE DAYS!

My social calendar is CLOSING for the season except for occasional SATURDAY NIGHTS during the school year until around 8:30 p.m. (sorry) because by then my body will be CONDITIONED to having an early BEDTIME.

Are you free for a walk in the park? Dinner at the place with the good hummus? A breakfast sandwich? Biking?

Drinks on a weeknight are ENDING because soon I’ll have to get up EARLY the next DAY. (At 5:30 a.m.) Just a note that I’ll be moving to a FARM SCHEDULE because school starts at 8:00 a.m., but my BUS COMMUTE is forty-five minutes, and I like to GET THERE by 7:00 a.m. so I can MAKE COPIES.

I SUPPORT FARMERS—I only wanted to provide the COMPARISON to EXPLAIN.

Calling all friends! It’s the last week of August and I’m TOTALLY FREE.

Soon I’ll be spending Saturday afternoons writing my informative classroom NEWSLETTERS and Sunday afternoons hemming and hawing about my LESSON PLANS, so I need to store up all my FRIEND TIME like I’m a GRIZZLY BEAR who’s getting ready to SOCIALLY HIBERNATE.

Don’t miss out. PLEASE. I really NEED this!

Make no mistake: Work-life balance is something I’ll continue TRYING to ACHIEVE. Penciling it in. YES!

But CHANGE takes TIME, so if you’re my friend from college and you have a baby, let’s make a PLAN. Let me take this time to visit you DURING THE DAY on a WEEKDAY while your baby is NAPPING while I STILL CAN.

I have great deals! I got a Groupon for an outdoor puppet show and barbecue-sauce tasting!

I also have a membership to a museum that I DON’T USE—do you want to use it with me? Let’s go IN THE MORNING during the WEEK.

Oh, right, you’re working now during the day like many people who don’t teach—never mind, let’s go look at MONET PAINTINGS on the WEEKEND. In the summer, I am especially WELL RESTED on SATURDAYS. Snag some hangout time with ME. Let me know what TIME works for YOU.

Check out my calendar next week. I’m totally available ANY TIME except next TUESDAY when I have my ANNUAL PHYSICAL (always good to get that over with in the SUMMER, preferably earlier in the season, in case I have to do any FOLLOW-UP VISITS).

Start your journey toward hanging out with me by responding to this text message or email. It’s THAT SIMPLE.

Activate hangout time with me TODAY. Or next week also is totally fine—just let me KNOW.

While my schedule is WIDE open.

Seriously, I would LOVE to SEE you.

Every hour of my schedule MUST GO.

We’re running out of time.

This offer to chill ends in eight days, twenty-three hours, and twelve seconds!

These hangouts WILL sustain me through the FALL.

Otherwise, NO WORRIES. I’ll try to see you during FEBRUARY BREAK (USUALLY AROUND PRESIDENTS’ DAY)! Or SPRING BREAK. Or, at the very least, NEXT SUMMER!