Hot Coffee Thrown In Houston’s Face

The Fort Wayne Morning Shed

Shame On You, Denver!

Tulsa Kills Itself

Why Won’t You Love Me, Cincinnati?

A.M. Terrified Grin Detroit

The Ghost Of Anwar Sadat Inexplicably Haunts Tacoma

Wake The Hell Up, Knoxville

Please, Phoenix, Let’s Never Speak Of This Again

Uncomfortable Portland Morning With The Sweaty Guy

I’m Sick Of You, Wichita. I’m Sick Of You And I’m Sick Of Your Shit.

Billings Might As Well Be Dead

Boston Morning With Stabby and Shouty

Orlando Angst

I Said Wake the Hell Up, Knoxville! Jesus!

Percodan-Free Pittsburgh

Get Off Me, Atlanta!

Crispin Glover’s Biloxi Morning Zoo

Wake Up, Mommy! Mommy? Baltimore.

Johnny Cocktail’s Salt Lake City Morning Lounge

What’s the Point, Duluth?

God Hates Anchorage. He Told Me.

Bryant Gumbel Is Pissed Off Again, New York

Knoxville, I’m Gonna Whup Your Ass If You Don’t Wake Up!

Good Morning Indiancrapolis