“Disney wants to bring the Lin-Manuel Miranda brand under the same corporate umbrella as Marvel and Star Wars.” — Indie Wire 2/4/2020

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Jefferson: Gettin’ High with Democracy
A prequel about Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence and gallivanting about Colonial America while glossing over all that slavery stuff.

The Avengers: A New Musical
Just The Avengers, but they rap now.

The Room Where It Happened
A 12-part Netflix series about the events that transpired between Hamilton, Madison, and Jefferson during the 5-minute song, “The Room Where It Happens.”

Guardians of Democracy
The oddballs of the Continental Congress (Samuel Chase, Samuel Adams, and John Jay) unite and fight crime to a funky ’70s soundtrack.

1776 Remix
The musical 1776 starring the original cast of Hamilton, who were all immediately typed out based on race and gender, so now it is just a one-man show starring Jonathan Groff.

Washington: On America’s Side
Everyone loves Washington! A solo movie about all of Washington’s adventures, from the cherry tree to the wooden teeth, that will definitely be accurate and maybe gloss over the slavery stuff?

Hamilton in Space
Hamilton died in his duel against Aaron Burr… or did he? Hamilton, upon being shot by Burr is sent, via wormhole, to an intergalactic spaceship where his journey across space-time is only just beginning. Three movies already slated for 2024, 2025, 2026.

Benjamin Franklin: The First Founding Father
Solo Franklin movie. As a writer, printer, inventor, scientist, and Enlightenment philosopher, Franklin led a remarkable life. Will absolutely be skipping over the slavery stuff.

… And Peggy
A 10-minute online short about the Schuyler sister who is boring and then dies.

Founding Fathers: Endgame
Avenger’s Endgame but with the Founding Fathers.

William Henry Harrison: Far from Home
After William Henry Harrison dies of pneumonia thirty-one days into office, America and the HCU resets for the HCU: Phase 2 with a whole new cast of characters.