Cowboys often read the newspaper
As they lie beneath Polaris (a star);
They most enjoy reading gossip columns,
Especially about tennis pros
And rich blonde widowed millionairesses
Who live in Panama Beach, Florida.

Cowboys imagine that in Florida,
Under a bulging sky, a newspaper
Covers the face of a millionairess
As Rod Stewart, the renowned blond pop star,
Struts by, with a margarita a pro
Bartender mixed (an Irish guy named Colum).

In the cowboy-imagined scene, a column
(White) supports Paris Hilton, Florida
Vacationer, drinking with a golf pro
Named Eduardo. The next day’s newspaper
Will report them necking beneath the stars
Outside the mansion of a millionairess

In Palm Beach, where many millionairesses
Find their names—in bold—in Liz Smith’s column,
Linked with Ben Affleck, the megastar,
Sojourning briefly in Florida
Before his next movie (the newspapers
Reveal): a cop/suspense flick called The Pro,

Costarring Sandra Bullock, and pro-
Duced by Ron Hanler, whose millionairess
Wife, Meg Ryan, is in the newspaper—
Actually, in Rex Reed‘s column—
Because her new film, shot in Florida
(Tampa) is a hit. And now Meg’s star

Will rise again. Her fans rejoice. “Real stars,”
Observes the Cowboy, who is a pro-
Fessional horseman, “Can be in Florida,
Maine, anywhere—with millionairesses,
Roughnecks, cops—they spread magic.” A column
Of campfire smoke lifts, over the newspaper:

Photos of rock stars, millionairesses,
Pro wrestlers; Dave Barry’s humor column
(From Florida). The Cowboy burns his paper.