“Streaming” [verb / strEEm-ing]: Crossing a medium-sized body of water in short trousers to rescue one’s horse and carriage from sudden peril.

“Bop” [noun / bäp]: The sound of George Washington’s hand-crafted Masonic gavel landing on a ceremonial cornerstone.

“Cheugy” [verb / chew-ghee]: The act of using one’s wooden teeth to thoroughly masticate turtle soup.

“Taylor Swift” [noun / TAY-lor SWIH-ft]: A tradesperson who can alter silken blouses at an exceptionally quick pace.

“Bougee” [noun / BOO-jee]: The name of Thomas Jefferson’s childhood kitten.

“Clapback” [noun / klap-bAk]: An unfavorable condition for a racehorse’s spine.

“Ded” [adjective / DEH-d]: Obituary delivered via illiterate messenger.

“G.O.A.T.” [noun / GOH-t]: A delicious hearty stew.

“Texting” [verb / tEk-st-ING]: The act of carrying flat wooden printing platen across town in large satchels typically made from wool and miscellaneous hides.

“Stan” [noun / STAN]: James Madison’s personal errand boy.

“Lit” [adjective / LIT]: Candlelight used to brighten one’s living quarters in an effort to ward off complete and total darkness.

“Dank” [adjective / DAHN-keh]: Damp/musty conditions, typically used to describe wine cellars, houses of repentance, and Benjamin Franklin’s living room.

“Fire” [noun / fIEUH]: Inexorable natural disaster.

“Spilling the Tea” [expression / SPIL-ing thuh TEE]: An extreme act of American mercantile protest.

“Wig” [noun / WHIG]: 1. A delightful white hair piece used to cover childhood quill scars and uneven balding. 2. A frightening threat to democracy.

“Big Yikes” [expression / BIG YYKS]: Smallpox.