“The Pop-Up Introduction to the Art of Michelangelo”

Render Michelangelo’s masterpieces accessible to youngsters by making them “come alive” visually.



Pieta Two-page upright fold-out of Michelangelo’s passionate representation of Christ’s demise. #10 cardboard. As the page is unfolded Mary’s head nods sympathetically to the crucified savior in her arms. A tiny light-sensing chip hidden in her robes lolls Christ’s head back and emits a single low, aspirated moan.

Sistine Ceiling Two-page color reproduction of central panel depicting a bearded, windswept God creating a youthful Adam. A flat paper wheel turns behind a smooth circular cut-out to replace God’s and Adam’s outstretched arms with the following depictions:
God slapping Adam’s upturned palm.
God and Adam exchanging “thumbs up” signs.
God and Adam thumb wrestling. Two jointed paper inserts, attached to slotted moveable tabs, allow furious manipulation of “fighting thumbs.”

David Three-dimensional standing paper replica of the biblical underdog, but (finally!) without the extraneous, extra-thematic, tree stump and structural support at the weighted foot. A flat paper wheel turns behind cut-outs of David’s eyes and mouth to exchange his look of serene triumph for the following:
Knowing smirk.
Tongue sticking out.
Taunting jeer.
David blowing a “raspberry.”
Left arm is jointed so that by raising the small tab attached to his left biceps, David scratches himself just below his left underarm.