Where the Wild Things Are

1. If you could run away anywhere, where would you go?

2. Now pretend you’re on a limited budget. Where would you go now?

3. Now pretend you’ll never leave this town. What’s next?

Harold and the Purple Crayon

1. How does Harold create new things?

2. Why hasn’t Harold been punished for getting purple crayon on everything?

3. Which medication would be best for Harold’s obvious ODD/ADHD?

Watership Down

1. Do bunnies have little ears or big ears?

2. Do you think it would hurt to get your neck caught in wire?

3. Why is life a slow march toward death?


1. Madeline lives in a boarding school. Why? Do her parents not love her?

2. Madeline’s school is for Catholics. Did you know that Hell is real? Madeline knows.

3. Can you walk in a straight line? Can you follow the tenets of your religion with rigidity? Should you pray about it?

Winnie the Pooh

1. Winnie the Pooh loves honey. Do you like honey?

2. Why do all Pooh’s friends allow him to live such an unhealthy lifestyle?

3. Pooh is going to become diabetic. Would you help give Pooh insulin shots?

The Velveteen Rabbit

1. Did the Velveteen Rabbit have real feelings? How do you know?

2. The boy had scarlet fever. What kills little boys and girls today?

3. Why is it necessary to burn the things we love?