Tax Day
Number of patrons on April 16 who asked, “When is the last day to file my 2003 tax return?”: 5
Number of patrons on April 17 who asked, “When is the last day to file my 2003 tax return?”: 1

Lost & Found
Blue gym shorts
One toddler shoe (right foot)
Handwritten poem (untitled)
Black wallet (no cash or identification)

Rate Me
This week the apparent “it” site for kids is This is a curious site that teaches kids how to be shallow. Visitors to the site rate pictures of people based on what they look like. The scale is a one-to-ten format with one being the ugliest and ten being the prettiest. When asked why they spend hours at this site, the most common response was “It’s fun.” The average age of kids viewing the site was fifth to eighth grade. None of the kids suspected that the pictures were of real, actual people; to them the people were fake, and therefore had no feelings.

Series Books
Total number of available copies of books in the series:
Harry Potter series: 87 (hardback and paperback)
Left Behind for Kids series: 34 (paperback)
Captain Underpants series: 51 (hardback and paperback)
Baby-sitters Club series: 78 (paperback)
Series of Unfortunate Events series: 26 (hardback)
Star Wars series: 43 (paperback)
Magic Tree House series: 69 (hardback and paperback)
Goosebumps series: 19 (paperback)
Mary Kate & Ashley series: 37 (paperback)