1. “I don’t shop. I haven’t shopped in about four years.”

2. “I’d probably still be in Mexico now with a Mexican wife and kids.”

3. “Success is knowing that your contribution is what helps the collective.”

4. “I need to get my guitar out of storage. There are still songs in me.”

5. “I don’t need success, I just need to be constantly evolving.”

6. “There are superheroes, people who fly or have all these extraterrestrial powers or supernatural abilities. Everybody can be a superhero every day by doing very simple things. Change the world.”

7. “I can’t tell you what your purpose is.”

8. “Sometimes I worry we’re going to run out of stars.”

9. “I’m one with New York and New York is one with me… We’re like Siamese twins, if you separate us, I’ll die.”

10. “Whales are the keeper of wisdom.”

11. “I pioneered Williamsburg.”

12. “Green lights don’t mean, ‘Go,’ they mean, ’Don’t Stop.’”

13. “…That’s the equivalent of 127 school buses filled with straws. It’s disgusting… There should be children in those school buses, going to school, to learn, not straws.”

14. “When I feel myself getting overwhelmed, I take a deep breath, and eat a piece of chocolate.”

15. “I’d rather be dead than on a Vespa.”

16. “Now all commercials do is sell you stuff. Stuff you don’t need… ‘Brawny Paper Towels?’ I’ve used cloth towels my whole life. All you have to do is throw them in the wash two, three times a week.”

17. “We have a lot to learn from everyone.”

18. “When you are dealing with real life, there’s no way to control it.”

19. “I’m proud of where I’m from. I’m proud of Long Island.”

20. “People, instead of competing, they could actually support each other, in music.”

21. “It’s like, could you imagine having discovered America? Would you stop talking about that?”

22. “There’s nothing to win by being competitive. We all lose.”

23. “We used to have to walk three miles backwards in the snow for a cup of coffee when we lived here. Now there’s, like, baristas, and cold brew.”

24. “And then it hit me: I’ve used my brain way more than I’ve used my dick.”

25. "I don’t care what anyone says, I liked Entourage.

- - -

Entourage Star Adrian Grenier: 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10,11,13,14,17,18,20,21,23,25

My Uncle Who Tried Ayahuasca and is Now “Totally Enlightened”: 4,8,12,15,16,22,24,25

Trick question, that’s Entourage Star/Uncle Kevin Connolly: 19,25"