“If you want the freedom to do what you want to do sometimes, you have to give your sister the freedom to do what she wants to do sometimes!”

“You have to make it enjoyable for each other, or they won’t want to play with you anymore!”

“Don’t lead your brother into doing something he’s not big enough to do yet!”

“Don’t put your sister before you, when you know darn well you piled rocks at the bottom of the slide!”

“Your sister can be underneath the jungle-gym playing with dolls if she wants to! There are a lot of boys who would rather be off climbing something to the top, without needing their sister to do it, too!”

“Hold each other’s hand when you’re going across the suspension bridge, please!”

“No pushing when your brother is trying to do something slightly above his skill-level!”

“If you are pushing her, and you see that she is getting dizzy — stop!”

“Watch it — If you get going too fast, one of you will fly off of the handle!”