“Food Glorious Food (Limit 2 Per Customer)”

Bye Bye Birdie
“Put On a Happy Face Covering”

Avenue Q
“The Internet Is for Porn, and Work, and School, and Ordering Groceries, and Everything Else”

“525,600 Cases”; “The Tango Quar’ tine”

South Pacific
“I’m Gonna Wash That Skin Right Off Of My Hands”

West Side Story
“Gee, Dr. Fauci!”; “I Feel Shitty”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
“Absolutely Do Not Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me”; “Time Warp to 2021 When We Have a Vaccine”

The Last Five Years
“Summer in Isolation, in Ohio”

“Defying Gravity (But Not My City’s Mask Ordinance)”; “What is This Feeling? Hopefully Just Allergies”

The Music Man
“76 Test Swabs”; “The Amazon Wagon”

Fiddler on the Roof
“Transmission!”; “Maskmaker”

The Pajama Game
“Hernando’s Hideaway for His Disinfectant Wipes”; “The Pajamas On Bottom, Blouse On Top for the Video Conference Game”

“And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going to Trader Joe’s Again This Week”

A Chorus Line
“What I Did For Toilet Paper”

“My Shot of Experimental Vaccine”

Hello Dolly
“Hello, Dolly — Stand Over There Six Feet Away, Dolly”

Guys and Dolls
“Sit Down You’re Blocking the Remote”; “Marry the Man Today On Zoom, From Your Apartment”

In The Heights
“96,000 New Cases”

Little Shop of Horrors
“Somewhere That’s Clean”; “Suddenly See More People Than I’d Like Posting Photos of Parties on Instagram”

How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
“I Believe In You, But Send Me a Report of What You’re Working On Every Morning Anyway”

NYC, Your Trip There Was Canceled”

The Fantasticks
“Try to Remember Where We Left Off On the Durrells of Corfu”

Dear Evan Hansen
“Waving Through a Window” (No update required)