What is Fantasy Politics?

Fantasy Politics (or “Fan Pol”) is the destination for political junkies to compete in online games for cash and prizes. Some may think it’s a game for Rachel Maddow and Greta Van Susteren cosplay fanatics. While others believe Fantasy Politics is a gateway to more reckless behavior like live-tweeting your colonoscopy. Both are correct. But most gamers are just like you — the Joe the Plumbers and the Myriam the Screaming Trumpers of the world.

How do I play?

To assemble your Fan Pol team, select presidential primary candidates to fill positions on your roster:

  • The Off-Point Guard
  • Flipping-Flopping Back
  • The Power Outsider with an Inside Voice
  • The Futility Player
  • Democratic Socialist Defensive End
  • Anti-Progressive Forward
  • This Question’s from Left Fielder

How do I earn points on Fantasy Politics?

Each week, you’ll gain or lose points for actions your players take in their campaigns:

  • Insults at least three races or ethnicities in two days: Gain 15.
  • Appears on a talk show: Gain 8.
  • Sings a Taylor Swift song during said appearance: Lose 80.
  • Blames Obama: Gain 1000.
  • Engages Donald Trump in a Twitter beef: Lose two million.
  • Puts foot in mouth then tries to “walk it back:” Lose 13.
  • Waits before “walking it back:” Gain 22.5 points per day.
  • Signs pledge to ban pledges: Gain 175 to the power of 7 minus 64 squared.

Are there special side games available to play?

Yes, you can earn bonus cash by playing in any of our weekly quick games:

The One Percenters
Assemble an entire roster of candidates who are currently polling at or below 1%. If all drop out in the same week, win weekly grand prize of $250,000.

Book Pool Bonus
Pick the day when Ben Carson will release Mindless Mouth, a follow up to his memoir Gifted Hands for a $5000 bonus.

The Dead Prez Play
Assemble a roster of dead presidents. Earn $500 for each invoked by your players.

Dead Prez Grand Prize
If your player cries during a Dead Prez Play, you’ll be entered in the weekly grand prize drawing for a ticket to enter the grander prize drawing for the amounts in Jeb Bush’s and Hillary Clinton’s SuperPac at the end of primary season.

The Pundit Punt
Your player kicks a pundit. Double your wins if the player is This Question’s from Left Fielder.

Do I have to pay money to play Fantasy Politics?

Whether you manage your finances like a mogul who can flip a small million-dollar loan, or like a rookie senator with a corporate card and a driveway to pave, we have a level of play that’s right for you.

The Gold Standard League
A subscription fee of $129.99 a month allows you to play in all leagues, tripling your chances of winning.

The Big Government League
Play one free game per week. Points trickle down from the Gold Standard League.

How do I collect my winnings?

Consult Pyramid.

I live in Mississippi. Can I play Fantasy Politics?


I am an independent. Can I still play Fantasy Politics?

Don’t worry about checking a philosophical box on a form. Fantasy Politics attracts gamers of all ideologies. So no matter where you think Obama was born, you can still win cash money each week on FanPol.com.

Is playing Fantasy Politics gambling?

Fantasy Politics is NOT gambling — it’s a game of the least skill possible. Even a rock could play it. Best of all, if you line up the right political “dream team” you might win enough money to pay off that $80,000 student loan.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get yo’ politic on!